I hate that it gets dark so early now. When I worked in the office, I’d often arrive as it was getting light, and then it would get dark before I left. Yuck! Lion makes fun of me when I say I want to use my “happy” light. It mimics the sun to combat Seasonal Affective Disorder, also known as the winter blues. Our hydroponic garden has its own sunshine. I can just visit the farm throughout the day.

Last night, after dinner, I dragged out the spanking bench. I used the straps to keep him still. He likes it better when he’s strapped in. I think a well-behaved Lion should be able to stay still on his own. Of course, I’m not the one getting swatted. And I know he likes to be tied up or strapped down. He told me last night he would have tried to escape if he wasn’t strapped down. I think he would have been spanked longer if he tried.

I swatted him the full ten minutes, plus a few seconds more. I used the new leather paddle and the old leather paddle. The newer one is wider, so it covers more area. Lion says the old one is meaner. I’m not sure which one did it, but a spot of blood appeared fairly early on in the spanking. For a while, I tried to avoid it. Then I decided that was useless and spanked him normally. I don’t think I hit any more or less forceful than usual. Lion may have a different take on it. I know I didn’t spread his cheeks to get down into the crack. Both paddles were too wide for that.

When I was done, Lion had rosy cheeks and a little bleeding. In the past, I’ve tried putting a bandage on the blood spot and continued spanking. It never worked. I’m wondering if it would work if I cleaned the blood spot and covered it with a piece of paper tape. It’s thinner than a Band-Aid, and it might stick better. We can experiment with it next time.

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