No Day Off

After I gave the lawn mower a tune up, I had to test it to make sure I had everything back the way it should be. I didn’t change the blade. I couldn’t get the old one off. It’s just as well. I hit a rock as I mowed. Our landlord has rocks as borders around things. I hate it. My next project is to get rid of the rocks on the front lawn so I can mow without taking chunks out of the blade.

Since I hadn’t planned on mowing the lawn, I didn’t take any Tylenol before I went outside. Big mistake. I was stiff and achy afterwards. Tylenol knocked it down to just a nuisance. I was ready to play with Lion. However, Lion was snoozing when I came out of the shower. Now, he’ll tell you I could have awakened him up to play. Yes, I could have. I always figure he’s snoozing because he’s tired. He says he doesn’t even realize he was sleeping. I think that’s usually true of impromptu naps. Unless you purposely lie down to nap, you probably don’t realize you’ve dozed off.

The other issue with playing with Lion is the sore on his penis. It’s right below the head toward one side. I’m not sure how I could have done it to him. It would be a bruise if I’d pinched him. This is an actual break in the skin. Anyway, he said if I used my mouth or avoided the area, it would be okay. I don’t see how I can avoid it, given its location. It’s right in the fun zone. We’ll have to see how much it hurts later today. By the way, when I give him a hand job, I don’t speed up just to get it over with quicker. I don’t realize I’m going faster.

Today, apparently, I’m going through boxes. Lion has been asking me for a long time to get rid of things around here. It’s been boxed up for two [Lion — 3] years. If we haven’t needed it in two years, it’s likely we don’t need it. By that logic, I should just throw out the entire box without looking in it. That doesn’t make any sense. The problem, of course, is that I’d like a day off. And when I say a day off, I mean no chores. No laundry. No cooking. No nothing. I want to sit by the pool with a margarita.

Well, we don’t have a pool. We don’t have a maid. We don’t have a cook. So, off I go to do the laundry, do the “farms”, and go through boxes.

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