Over the last decade, a lot has changed in the world of male chastity. All of the change has been around hardware. We are less concerned about security; Most of us realize that we are wearing male chastity devices because we requested it. There is no sense in trying to escape. This attitude shift makes comfort the most important requirement.

New devices are very comfortable to wear. They are also much shorter. As I learned years ago, keeping the head of my penis in firm contact with the front of my male chastity device makes peeing easier and neater. My flaccid penis varies in length over a day. If I wear a device that keeps the head in firm contact when I am at my shortest, everything works very well. If I wear a base ring (mine is the most common diameter 45mm/1-3/4 inch) that leaves enough room for a finger between the ring and the skin on the top of my penis, I don’t get irritation, and the device stays in place.

The one thing that hasn’t changed is the underlying fantasies about male chastity. They focus on the male chastity device forcing the man to submit in various ways in order to earn an orgasm. Women are usually unhappy with this scenario. I’ve written about this in the past. There is a new scenario that is likely to be much more acceptable.

Available when wanted

Instead of creating a story about trading sex for the keyholder for a chance to get unlocked, try this scenario. By locking your penis, your keyholder is free to enjoy your company–dressed or naked–without worrying about you expecting sex. In other words, she unlocks your penis when she wants it. This is very different from the traditional approach.

She doesn’t have to worry about how long you’ve been locked up or when you ejaculated last. When she wants sexual access to your penis, she unlocks it. Your cock is her toy, nothing more. You may be focused on how long you’ve gone without an orgasm. It isn’t her problem.

This is a much stronger surrender than the traditional approach. It is also a real incentive for you to look for ways to convince her that she might want to play with her toy. Annoying her with clumsy attempts to turn her on will almost certainly stop her from unlocking you. You have to be the man she wants to play with. It isn’t about your fantasies at all.

How does that sound? I’ll bet she’ll like the idea. She may want to unlock you every night for some sexual fun–for her. Or, she may be tired and just wants your penis-free company. Like any sex toy, she takes your penis out when she wants to use it. Easy to understand and fun for her. Ready to ask her?

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