Some Thoughts About Sex

I have been thinking about sex. I know, what a shock! I’m not talking about how sex feels. I have a vague memory of that. I’m talking about how it works. For example, the most common way to give a man an orgasm is to simulate the motion of intercourse. A hand or mouth can move up and down, the same way intercourse happens. Young women learn to use their hands and mouths early on, often before experiencing vaginal sex.

Women are different. Most don’t reach orgasm via a penis or other object moving in and out of their vaginas. They need clitoral stimulation. The technique for doing this doesn’t resemble genital sex at all. I circular motion of the finger or tongue usually suffices. Isn’t it odd that women get pleasure more reliably in a non-penetrative mode? Sure, many enjoy vaginal stimulation in addition to clitoral activity but don’t require it.

Female orgasm isn’t required for reproduction. A woman has to be receptive to a male, but orgasm is unnecessary for fertilization. Males, on the other hand, have to ejaculate for fertilization to take place. I suppose that a female orgasm occurring before the male might encourage her to end the session without ejaculation. Sex, after all, is primarily the way animals reproduce.

This came to mind when Mrs. Lion started jerking me off. Obviously, sex isn’t about reproduction for us. It’s social. Through chastity training, she has become my only source of sexual release. I like to believe that makes me unusual. Before male chastity, I masturbated when I wanted release. Sure, I loved it when Mrs. Lion had sex with me, but I didn’t depend on her. She never masturbated. I was her only outlet. When I was trained not to masturbate, she became mine.

No matter what other power exchanges we had going on, my sexual pleasure could only come from her. For a while, that notion bothered me. It didn’t seem fair. From the time I was eleven, I masturbated when the need struck. Now I had to wait for her to decide to get me off. It took me a long time to stop dwelling on it. I only grumble about it now when Mrs. Lion edges me.

I’ve gone from the standard mammalian guarantee of male orgasm with sex to the more traditional female uncertainty of a happy ending. I’ve been told this change is good for me.