This End Up

It sounds ridiculous, but with a ton of channels and streaming services, we seem to be out of things to watch. Oh, I know there’s stuff out there. We just have to find it. Lately, neither one of us has felt like searching. Lion discovered Hotel Hell a few weeks ago. He likes Gordon Ramsay. I think he just likes to watch him swear at people. For some reason, Ramsay thinks people want to see his bare ass. In every show we’ve watched, he has to drop his pants on camera. I admit to liking rear ends, but I do not really need to see his.

Anyway, this made me think of Lion’s butt. Now that I really need to see. I don’t remember if it was before we got COVID or in the middle of it that I was thinking about spanking him, but not a punishment spanking. He “complains” that I usually only do CBT. What about anal? What about bondage? Well, yeah. But what about spanking? When can I love on his cute cheeks? I like running my hands across them and squeezing them. I like kissing them and even biting them.

When he decided he wanted domestic discipline, we tried to do both punishment and play spankings. That didn’t last long. It was too confusing. Obviously, a play spanking starts out very slowly, but it can build up to the same intensity as a punishment spanking. I guess it would be easy to forget what kind of spanking he was getting by the time we got to the end of it. Unfortunately, that decision took away my favorite way to play with his tush.

There’s no reason I couldn’t do all the play things to his buns while I was shoving things in his ass. It just doesn’t seem the same. It’s almost a different mindset between anal and spanking-ish activities. I don’t know. Sometimes I just miss the play spankings.

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  1. Not all butts are attractive, and not all are desirable to look at.

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