The Fight

We had our version of a fight yesterday. We calmly sat and discussed things. In a vastly oversimplified recap, while I was feeling frazzled by having to do most of the “heavy lifting” around here, Lion was feeling sad about things I no longer do. He was also sad that I hadn’t picked up on how sad he was. Obviously, it’s more complicated than that. I’m not going into too much detail, and I may very well miss the mark on the details I do go into.

Two big points were my not being as intimate with him as I used to be and my not giving him coming attractions anymore either in my post or in emails. Both may help get his motor running better than it has been lately. Fair enough. A few weeks ago (months?), when he brought up the intimacy idea, I pointed out that he hasn’t been very intimate either. I also said I seem to do all the kissing and that I don’t receive any encouragement. He wondered what encouragement I needed. Maybe he could roll toward me and kiss back. He said it’s difficult for him to do that. Fair enough.

As I’m sure you know, I used to give Lion hints in my post or in emails about what I was going to do to him later that night. Inevitably, something would happen, and I wouldn’t do that task. He got frustrated because I’d gotten him all riled up and I didn’t follow through. My “fix” was to stop promising. Admittedly, it wasn’t a good fix, but I was trying to avoid disappointing him. It turns out, we’ve come full circle and I disappointed him anyway.

Now, what do we do to actually fix the things we discussed? Lion feels he comes up with solutions all the time. He knows if he tells me what to do, I’ll do it and he doesn’t want to tell me what to do. Fair enough. I get that. I really do. However, I could be fumbling around for a very long time and never come up with the answer. If he knows what he wants, wouldn’t it be better to tell me and get what he wants that much sooner? I mean, if he was driving a car and getting horrible gas mileage not knowing why, wouldn’t it make sense for me to tell him to take off the parking brake?

Let’s assume he won’t tell me what to do. Will he tell me if I hit upon the solution? Maybe it’s not the solution, but I could be getting warmer. I know I’ve trained masturbating out of him so he can’t do it by himself, but I can’t do it by myself either.

BTW, FYI and all those other internet shorthands, Lion will be getting waxed today. I “warned” him last night that I’ll be playing with my weenie when I clean him up. Does that count as a coming attraction?

[Lion — Yes, that counts. If I had a solution, I would tell Mrs. Lion. I can’t help myself. This time, I don’t. Maybe there isn’t one this time. That may be why I’ve been so sad.]