I’ll Keep Trying

Lion is still down in the dumps. I don’t know what to do to help him other than being there for him. I sent him an email earlier that just said, “KISS.” He responded with, “Lick”. We’re silly. Emailing back and forth was how we communicated when we were at work. It stopped when I started working from home because there’s nothing stopping us from talking, but doing an email is a nice way of saying you’re thinking about someone. We should start it again.

I waxed him yesterday. He had a few hairs that I must have missed last time. I’m not sure how I missed them, but they were a little too long to have grown in. I know I don’t do a professional job. I do the best I can, but I will miss hairs. I’m sure I did it this time too. But I did make sure the get the ones that tickle my nose and Lion said he feels bare. That’s all I can ask for.

When I first started waxing him, I’d start with the front, figuring that was the most important and if I ran out of steam, at least that part was done. However, now I start with the back side so I can end with my weenie. The back side doesn’t take much time at all anymore. I guess I’ve scared the hair away. He was never really furry there to begin with. This time I spent a little bit more time playing in his crack. I let my fingers explore. I didn’t linger too long because the best part is the front.

After I was done yanking hair out, I cleaned him everywhere but my weenie. I saved the best for last. I made sure he was nice and oily and set to work jerking him off. I remember wondering last time if I should have taken my gloves off first. I didn’t do it this time either. With all the oil, I’m not sure if he’d notice one way or the other. I changed from one hand to the other as I got tired. I massaged his balls at times. I even stuck a finger, or two, into his crack. Eventually, he had his orgasm, although there was no cream filling for me. It’s just as well. I couldn’t have eaten it mixed with oil. He did say it leaked out as he was heading for the shower. Oh well. I’ll keep trying for my cream filling.

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  1. This for both of you for lioness for the cream filling the dairly maybe empty as age comes about the male the reproduction of dies off I know in January myself stop and told Mrs427 but had signs late year 2021as my younger children was born small and the 3rd one both of us came to agree myself go for the snip but latter Mrs427 had her troubles too. Loin in reading your journal between the lines that you maybe at fault for non cream filling as we get older the male reproductive system like our female partner comes to a end (male monupause) .
    Me and Mrs 427 have come through the the other in our health issues and marriage too She understands now my chastment but still coming to term in some of it practices
    Too DD it may happen?! But has agree to Sex Spanking and the old saying goes be careful what you wish for.

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