Our hydroponic “farm” is doing very well. We’re both excited by the progress. We have two units. We got this first one three weeks ago and another earlier this week. The lettuce and tomato plants in the picture were planted in the first unit we got. It’s hard to believe that we have lettuce we can eat in such a short time. This is just a partial view. To the left of the image is another section filled with mature lettuce.

I’m amazed at how fast things grow hydroponically. We read that plants mature five times faster when grown in water. It’s true! Dealing with our farm takes very little time. We are enjoying the little effort it takes.

Mrs. Lion gave me an oral orgasm on Thursday night. I was ready for it. Based on all of her efforts, it seems that ten days was the right wait. I’m still not producing any semen. I told her that I’m a diet lion; no calories when I orgasm. I’ve been using my EMS machine almost every day. I’m getting results in terms of bladder control. I go all night without waking up to pee.

We discussed my post from yesterday, “Our Next Step In Domestic Discipline.” Mrs. Lion isn’t sure why she has such a hard time punishing me for annoying her. Dan wrote an interesting comment on our post.

“To me, it always seems like a spanking for making her mad should come easier to her than something like not doing a chore, yet it doesn’t. I’ve encouraged my wife to spank me when she feels anger or irritation because one of the main reasons for us doing DD is it equalizes the power dynamic between us and gives her an outlet for expressing frustration. Yet, she too seems to struggle with expressing her own personal feelings in that way, yet doesn’t struggle at all to address other things that don’t have nearly as much personal impact on her.”

This issue seems to be a common one among couples practicing domestic discipline. I think that our partners aren’t disciplining us because it is a way to equalize the power balance in our marriages. They are doing it because it is something we want. It’s no different from male chastity in the sense that it’s a practice that we want/need to satisfy something within us. Our partners don’t seem to internalize it as something they can use to make us hear them.

That doesn’t mean domestic discipline isn’t useful to our partners. Mrs. Lion would certainly be annoyed each time I forgot a chore. Spanking me helps her feel that she is being heard. Isn’t that the same thing that would happen if she spanked me for interrupting? Initially, I thought the difference was that chores are concrete, binary activities. I either do them, or I don’t. If I don’t, I get spanked. Right?

Isn’t interrupting the same? Well, no, it isn’t the same. If I fail to do a chore, the evidence of my crime is visible for all to see. If I interrupt, unless Mrs. Lion stops her train of thought to tell me what I just did, there is no evidence to show me later. I don’t think the problem is a lack of evidence, as it’s her interpretation of the event.

If she stops and says, “You just interrupted me,” we have an event that she can handle the same way she handles missing a chore. If she thinks about it later, she tends to rationalize my behavior and believes that maybe it wasn’t all my fault. She has a strong sense of fair play. Nothing is more destructive to a disciplinarian than that. To be fair, in the beginning, Mrs. Lion would tend to excuse me for missing chores. She would cut me slack for mitigating events, like going out or being busy with something else.

She stopped doing that some time ago. She will very rarely let me get away with missing a chore. That’s how I want it. When it comes to things like interrupting, I don’t want fairness. I want each event to be punished. It doesn’t matter if something else might have caused me to do it. Like chores, I either did it, or I didn’t. Binary. Simple.

I realize that there are emotional hurdles to overcome before Mrs. Lion can be comfortable spanking me for annoying her. I think that it is worth the effort for her to do it. It will help me feel better about how I deal with her. I’ve learned that being punished for failing to do something I should do is an effective way to help me improve. I want things to be more equal between us. I’m convinced that learning to spank me for interrupting would be a great step in the right direction.