Strike Three!

This morning, I had a thought. I know. It has to happen sooner or later. What if I gave Lion demerits? I could tally them up and when he reached a certain number, he’d get his punishment. Maybe it would be better to use strikes. Three strikes and he’s out. I could tell him when he’s earned one and he could keep track. I don’t know. I was thinking that would be fairer than spanking him every time. After a while, maybe I’ll work my way up to punishing each time. We have to start somewhere. [Lion — I think we wrote about this concept a few years ago and decided it was too complicated. However, maybe this time it’s a good way to introduce spanking for annoying my lioness. I’ll keep track!]

I forgot to say that Lion had an orgasm Thursday night. He told me he was horny and I thought he should prove it. I tied his balls and set to work on him. It didn’t take long (still longer than I thought) before he was clenching his thighs. I don’t remember him doing that until recently. I know he’s said the muscles tighten, but he’s never started to bring his legs together. He doesn’t squish me, and it’s useful to know when he’s close. Maybe I can edge him more effectively.

After all my hard work, I didn’t get any cream filling. I teased him about it when I did his eye drops. On my way past, I poked my weenie and asked where my cream filling was. As much as I’d love some, I don’t think it’s under anyone’s control. Lion has been doing the Kegel electrode. As long as there isn’t a physical problem, I’m fine just lusting after cream filling. It’s more important to me that Lion enjoys his orgasms.

Last night we had barbecue for dinner. It’s a lot of food and we were stuffed. There was no play to be had. Just two roly-poly Lions watching TV. Tonight, I’ll offer some attention. We may only snuggle, but that’s never an “only”. We both love snuggling and being close. Cream filling be damned.