Weird Orgasms

Monday night Mrs. Lion gave me oral sex. As usual, it felt wonderful. She promised me an orgasm, and I got it. It felt odd. The buildup was incredibly fast. I could feel muscles contracting and sensation growing. I never felt the contractions of semen being emitted.  It felt good but not exactly complete. I’m confused. Mrs. Lion suggested that it might be that I waited 12 days. I’ve waited longer than that and ejaculated. Whatever the cause, Mrs. Lion was a little disappointed. I was too.

I’m not sure that I want to pursue this medically. Maybe I need to use the EMS machine and consistently exercise my pelvic floor (Kegels). I think we need to do some experimenting. On Monday night, I suggested that Mrs. Lion goes for the gold without any BDSM or other foreplay. I was tired and not sure that I wanted much activity. Maybe that was a signal from my body that I wasn’t ready. I thought that if Mrs. Lion could get me hard and get me to orgasm, it didn’t matter how I felt before she started.

I never gave much thought to any of this. I didn’t think that my sexuality was particularly complicated. I think that women believe male sexuality is the simple process of stimulation, erection, and ejaculation. That was true of me when I was younger. I can’t help wondering if my difficulty in having a full orgasm is pathology or a normal part of aging.

Either way, I’ll have to learn how to live with this new reality. I wonder if it’s related to foreplay. I don’t think Mrs. Lion could have gotten a different result if she had edged me. The sensations were wrong. It wasn’t her. It was all me. Do you have similar experiences? Please let me know.

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  1. Me same. It is a consequence of aging. There is a medical journal article, google search the phrase “PMID: 17715410”, download the free PDF that provides much detail if you want to wade through the various graphs and tables. Or if you trust the link See especially Figure 1, but the take-away message is that by age 57 about 30% of males had zero sex in the previous year and by age 80 it might be 75% no sex. It is complicated by gender (women much worse), general health, and disease like hypertension or diabetes. Basically, better health equals better sex at any age.

    1. Author

      Interesting, if depressing, stuff. The links are safe and the journal articles are interesting. I’m going to read both carefully. Happily, I still want and have sex. Unfortunately, Mrs. Lion isn’t interested for herself, but takes care ofme.

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