A Hairbrush Can Turn Me On

I read comments on the Disciplinary Couples Club blog, and one discussed reminders. He mentioned that a hairbrush left out can be a strong reminder of female authority. Of course, it isn’t the actual object. It’s leaving something in plain sight that is used for spanking. Those of us on the receiving end of a paddle, strap, or brush are very aware of the implements that bruise our bottoms.

This sensitivity isn’t fear. It’s more anticipation. There is a strong sexual component to disciplinary spanking. I’m sure that makes no sense to most people, including our disciplining partners. If we are completely honest with ourselves, we get turned on thinking about being spanked. I don’t know anyone, including me, who gets turned on while he is being spanked. I try hard to avoid earning a punishment because I don’t like how it feels when Mrs. Lion spanks me.

Yet I get aroused thinking about her doing it. It seems insane for me to get aroused thinking about something I work hard to avoid. It isn’t all that crazy. I can only speak for myself about this. I get very turned on thinking about Mrs. Lion being in charge. I like having to obey her and suffer real punishment if I don’t do as she wishes. That’s exciting. It wouldn’t be exciting if it were just a fantasy or if the punishments were mild BDSM activities. It’s exciting because I know that I will receive a butt-blistering spanking if I break a rule or displease my lioness. I also know that even if I don’t get into trouble, she will spank me to remind me of what happens if I displease her. That’s hot–until I’m riding the spanking bench.

Without the sexual component, it would be much more difficult to get me to accept a spanking docilely. Even though I’m fully aware of how much pain a spanking will cause me, I can’t refuse to mount the bench. My sexual desire for spanking and control guarantees I will accept it. When we first started, I would get an erection when on my way to being spanked. It was exciting. That isn’t true any more. Something else replaced the arousal. It’s my acceptance of our power exchange. I can’t refuse.

It’s just like masturbation. I’ve been trained not to masturbate. I don’t do it. I’ve been trained to accept Mrs. Lion’s authority. I blindly accept it. A chastity device helped train me not to masturbate. My sexual arousal about being controlled and spanked trained me to accept her authority.

I still get turned on thinking about being spanked. Symbols count. If Mrs. Lion left an implement or two in plain sight, I would be reminded of her power and the spankings she gives me. That would silently reinforce my sexual interest in being spanked. When she refers to discipline in our conversations or emails, that’s a turn-on too. Ironically, the fact that she can give me a sexual boost doesn’t diminish my desire to avoid being spanked.

For a while, Mrs. Lion carried a small paddle in her purse. She let me know it was there. That was exciting. I think there are other opportunities to provide extra reminders of our power exchange. I know they would benefit me. I suspect she might enjoy them too. What do you say, sweetie?