I thought I did pretty well over the weekend. I got the lawn completely mowed. I took care of some other stuff. And now it’s Monday. That’s the day reserved for realizing everything you needed to do over the weekend that you didn’t get done. Not to mention all the stuff you should have done last week at work but pushed off till today. Yeah. Happy Monday! What’s on my list? I didn’t change the bed. I didn’t do laundry. I didn’t give Lion a haircut. What exactly did I do all weekend? It doesn’t seem like much now.

Lion has a doctor appointment on Thursday so I’ve had to rearrange my work schedule a bit. And then he just realized he has a tooth problem so a dentist appointment was added for tomorrow. More work time to make up. I don’t think it matters all that much when I do my work. As long as my boss knows when she can or cannot expect to find me at my desk, we’re good. She’s busy training someone this week anyway. The only problem exists when I try to figure out if I have the correct amount of hours for the whole week. It’ll work itself out, but on a Monday it seems like a tall order.

I did try to tie Lion to the bed. It’s not that I failed. I offered and he asked to put it off a day. Now, did he do that because he didn’t want to be tied up or because he didn’t think I wanted to tie him up? That’s the $64 thousand question. We both had naps before dinner yesterday. I don’t think he was tired. It was a little late and we’d already settled in to watch TV. However, he always says the TV can be paused. Was he thinking about writing? Maybe. He said later on that he had an idea and he might go work on it. He decided against it. I guess he’s working on it now.

Once I change the bed and give him his haircut, he’ll be a new man. Maybe this man will let me tie him to the bed tonight.

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