At dinnertime I noticed Lion hadn’t put the coffee pot together. He still had time, of course, but I wasn’t going to remind him. We went on with our evening, watching mostly reruns. Around 10 I realized he hadn’t reminded me about punishment day. He agreed that he hadn’t. He didn’t even think about it. I hadn’t either till that moment. He had a punishment pending. And he still hadn’t remembered the coffee pot.

I don’t remember what time it was, but Lion discovered his error. He set off to the kitchen and fixed it. Apparently he didn’t want two punishments in one. He said one is definitely enough. I’m glad to hear that. I haven’t figured out how to scale a punishment up to a twofer. I just swat away until I think he’s gotten the message. He wanted me to time punishment, but five minutes is a really long time to spank. Plus, Lion’s butt gets way past red and starts bleeding. I’ve been trying to swat hard enough to make it count without making him bleed. I’m not always successful. [Lion comments — The question of how to punish me for multiple offenses has been one we have both considered. Mrs. Lion is right. She can’t really just double a spanking. It’s already fully disciplinary for one offense. I think the solution is to repeat the spanking at a later time or the next day. Fortunately for me, it’s very rare that I earn punishments close together in time.]

The lion needs a haircut. I know this because, on Thursday, Lion told me he needs a haircut. On Friday he told me multiple times he needs a haircut. Each time I told him I’d give him one. On Saturday, when he told me he needs a haircut, I said I was going to shave his head if he said he needs a haircut one more time. His excuse was that I never acknowledged it when he said he needs one. I call BS. Then he said I never gave him a specific time. That’s true. I did not. I did not specify Sunday at 4 pm or even Tuesday afternoon. So yesterday I told him it would be this afternoon. He hasn’t asked for a more specific time yet. I guess he doesn’t want a buzz cut. For the record, my plan is for mid to late afternoon so he can go right into the shower and I can head out to mow the lawn. Mow the Lion, mow the lawn. It seems fitting.

Oh, and his punishment? I think that should happen right before his haircut so he has to sit on sore buns. That seems fitting too.

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