How Many Men Practice Male Chastity?

Every so often, someone writes that male chastity is rapidly growing in popularity. They say that the vastly expanded availability of male chastity devices is a sure sign of this growth. Go to, and you will find tons of male chastity device offerings. If you look more closely, you will see that many different dealers offer the same devices.

This is not unusual in China. Many small merchants buy their wares from a few large suppliers. The small merchants are who you see on dhgate. There doesn’t seem to be any serious growth in companies that create original devices. The ones on the Chinese sites are usually copies.

For a while, there was a flurry of 3D-printed devices. I tried a couple. Their makers disappeared as fast as they offered their products. Evotion is still around. As far as I know, they are the only 3D-printed device maker that has been around for a while.

The old standbys, Mature Metal, Steelworxx, Holy Trainer, and Rigid, continue. They still make customers wait for months before getting their devices. I’m not attempting to create an exhaustive list of device makers. My point is that there doesn’t seem to be explosive growth in the marketplace. Innovation is minimal at best. For example, Mature Metal hasn’t added a new item in over a decade.

Let’s face it, male chastity device manufacturing is pretty much a mom-and-pop business. The CBx line of molded chastity devices is the closest anyone has come to a true off-the-shelf consumer product. They are relatively inexpensive and widely available in adult shops as well as on Amazon and other online retailers. If male chastity is a growing market, more competition will emerge.

One of the big challenges to growing this market is the lack of understanding of male chastity. Unlike other power exchanges, male chastity remains difficult to learn about. Even though there are quite a few websites that talk about the subject, compared to other kinks, male chastity sites are few and far between.

The other big problem is that almost all off-the-shelf male chastity devices are uncomfortable to wear. Even an expensive custom-made device will force some compromises on the wearer. Compared to spanking, pegging, or bondage, male chastity is much more difficult to practice. For one thing, the male chastity game isn’t played over an hour or two. It goes on for days, weeks, months, even years. We’re in our ninth year.

Given all that, I would be very surprised if this kink ever becomes very popular. Without the Internet, it would probably be invisible.