The problem with seeing a doctor is that you get bad news. I may have had (how’s that for a weird tense) a small stroke a couple of weeks ago. I woke up with the world darker than usual (literally, not emotionally), and my ability to get around was impaired. I didn’t know what to make of it. Oh, I was also partially incontinent. Nice, huh.

I had an appointment with a neurologist on Friday. It was a routine visit since my spinal surgery six years ago (“Radio Silence”). She discovered the compression of my spinal column. When I told her about my incident, she said it could have been a stroke. It turns out that most people don’t know that stokes can affect both sides of the body. I didn’t. I take a blood thinner, and the chances of a clot causing a problem are very small.

The neurologist wants to see if there are any narrowed blood vessels in the back of my brain. Problems in the frontal lobes cause one-sided strokes. I truly didn’t want to hear this news. A stent can be installed if it is a problem with an easy-to-reach blood vessel. I don’t need this crap.

I also have to get another MRI. They want to see my brain this time. Won’t they be surprised when they find out how small it is? If I ask, the hospital will give me a souvenir DVD of the MRI. It even comes in a special folder with a picture of the hospital on it.

Mrs. Lion has been wonderful to me. She always is. At times like this, having a partner who truly cares and is willing to help me means everything. I’m also very happy that she still thinks I’m cute and likes my butt. I adore her smile. It’s what attracted me to her all those years ago when I saw her picture on an online dating site. She was the only woman I contacted.

I realize that this isn’t what most people come here to read. Our readership always drops off when we don’t write boner-provoking porn. More will be coming soon.

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  1. Take care , I had a heart attack 5 years back , I thought I was invincible until then . But strokes scare me

    1. Author

      It is scary. I’m setting up an appointment for the two MRIs. Yuck. I almost don’t want to know.

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