Yesterday, I moved a lot of heavy things around. I’m not in very good shape, so it takes a lot out of me. I was pretty tired and achy. The fact is, I’ve been pretty achy for a while for no reason. At least I did something to deserve it yesterday. I still have quite a bit of stuff to do this weekend, but nothing that involves heavy lifting. I guess part of me was using achiness as an excuse for not doing anything with Lion last night. We tried. I played with his weenie, and he said it felt good, but then the comments stopped and he wasn’t hard.

I really need to get it together and play with him. His comments the other day have left me less motivated. He doesn’t get turned on with hand jobs. He supposes BDSM would help. That’s not exactly inspiring. However, I need to soldier on. I committed to playing with him every night, and that’s what I need to do. Suck it up, Lioness. Tonight’s torture will be clothespins. I have quite a few choices. Plain wooden ones seem too simple. Plastic seems too harsh. I think I’ll go for the wooden ones with tread tape on them. They have a nice bite. All of them hurt going on and coming off, but the tread tape really makes an impression.

Lion has been very good at remembering the coffee pot and shower door. Because of that, he hasn’t gotten a spanking in a while. Part of me says, “Yay, Lion.” Another part of me knows if he goes too long without a spanking, he misses it. It may be time for a “just because” spanking. We both benefit from it. Monday is punishment day. What better day to do it?

Whether he wants to admit it or not, Lion is about to be a very lucky boy. Ball torture and a spanking within 24 hours of each other is a big win, especially lately.

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  1. Your patence and pesistence is impressive. He is lucky to have you. Suggestion. tie a string to the clothes pegs and pul them off with the string rather than opening them. It is a pretty intense “release”.

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