Here I am, a day after two very different experiences. I spent part of Sunday morning riding my spanking bench. My rear was left marked and a little bloody (I always seem to leak some blood during a spanking). Later, after dinner, Mrs. Lion gave me a handjob.

That’s a lot of stimulation in a single day. After I was spanked, I didn’t feel any heat or pain. I was surprised since the photographic evidence showed that Mrs. Lion definitely made her point. I wrote about that yesterday (“Less Yelp This Time“). Much later, after my orgasm, it hurt a bit to sit on the bed. All-day Monday, I got reminders of my punishment. Odd.

In contrast, the orgasm was insanely intense. Every muscle in my body reacted. Sadly, no semen was produced. Unlike the spanking, there were no echoes of the pleasure. I didn’t get the lazy, sleepy feelings I experienced years ago. When the tremors subsided, it was over, back to normal.

Is there a lesson in this? Pleasure didn’t last as long as punishment. I’m still feeling the aftershocks of my spanking. The orgasm is just a pleasant memory.

The echoes of my spanking aren’t exactly unpleasant. After all, the idea of being spanked turns me on. The discomfort when I sit isn’t sexually arousing. It reminds me that my lioness can make me hurt as well as give me amazing pleasure.

Since I may not get myself off and I have no inclination to spank myself, both sets of sensations are her property. I need them to feel settled and balanced. It’s obvious why I want orgasms. I’m a healthy male. I can’t explain why being spanked is necessary.

You could point to my lifelong sexual excitement at the thought of having my bottom spanked. It is much deeper than getting hard when thinking about a spanking. I’ve had to end relationships that didn’t include it. I didn’t want to. I tried very hard to convince myself that a spanking was hardly grounds for separation. It turns out that it was.

There it is. A serious need for bottom beating. It isn’t purely sexual. I can function sexually without being spanked. I just don’t seem to be very happy if I’m not. For a long time, I thought that something was wrong with me. Why should a grown man want his wife to spank him? No idea. I just do.

Some guys go professionals to get spanked. They recharge their sexual batteries that way. I never did that. When I was the dominant partner in my relationship, female friends would give me the needed sore bottoms. My spanking partners had me spank them as well. It was fun and almost did the trick.

Things didn’t work for me until I met Mrs. Lion. She learned to deliver a serious spanking and enforce rules she made for me. I got to be my A-type personality with the understanding that any disagreement would be settled in Mrs. Lion’s favor. Cooperation would be encouraged with her paddles.

We haven’t quite reached that point. We are close enough to keep me happy and nearly in line. Mrs. Lion likes me to make a lot of the decisions. I do. She retains the right to veto and spank at will. She’s also learned to help us keep our roles in place with regular “just because” spankings if I go too long without breaking a rule.

I don’t know if it would work for other couples, but we have a very comfortable balance of power, even though sometimes it hurts me to sit.

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