Close the Door

That damn shower door got Lion again. I went in the bathroom before dinner and noticed it. He was upset with himself. However, his shoulder was hurting a lot, so I told him I’d let it go this time. If he forgets it again, especially if it’s tonight, I won’t be so nice. Of course, I forgot to lock him up again, so I’m no better at remembering things. My excuse is that we didn’t play at all because he didn’t feel like it even after his shoulder stopped hurting. He doesn’t get an excuse.

Both of us need to get our acts together. I can’t very well unlock him every other night if I never lock him. I also can’t let him off the hook for breaking rules. He has to be on his toes, so he doesn’t break any rules. I won’t always be as forgiving as I was last night. Well, let’s face it, I will be if he’s hurting. There’s really no reason to hit him while he’s down. I know he won’t fake pain just to get out of a different kind of pain. He needs the spanking too much.

I think he just put the coffee pot together. Now he just needs to remember the shower door. I tend to close it right after I get out since I’m already holding the handle from opening the door. I also try to make it a point to look at it before I leave, to make sure it’s closed. The dog gets wet enough going out in the rain. I don’t need her getting wet in the shower. Lion also used to turn the shower on, then go to put his slippers away, letting the water warm up. Ever since the dog ran in and got drenched, he’s been closing the door right after he turns the water on. Of course, the dog reminds him because she makes a bee line for the bathroom when she hears the water. He likes to tell her she’s too late. Maybe she needs to point out he forgot the door afterwards by slapping him with a wet paw.