Sexual Well-being

For the past few nights, Lion has been tired and in pain. He selects a show from our list of recorded TV shows and a short time later, he’s snoring softly. He apologizes for falling asleep. I figure he needs the sleep and my only concern is that he won’t be able to sleep during the night.

In his post this morning, Lion wrote that he misses the intimacy that’s taken a back seat since his shoulder has been in pain. He wants things to be normal. I do too. But it’s difficult to snuggle or play with someone who’s snoozing or in pain. My first reaction is to just ignore the pain and wake him up so we can do those things. That won’t work.

So far, I’ve been trying to make accommodations to our FLR and domestic discipline. However, on the way to work this morning, I realized that we may be able to resume some sort of intimacy quicker than we both think. Lion will not be in pain 24/7/365. I figure for the first week he might be a basket case. After that, the pain should start to tail off. Once there’s a hint of normalcy, we can talk about playing again. Obviously, he won’t be mobile, but since Lion usually lays there while I do all the work, we should be able to do most things again. (I’m kidding. He doesn’t just lay there. It’s hard work handling all the mean things I do to him.) As long as I’m not bothering his shoulder, we should be fine. And I’m mostly interested in things a little farther south anyway.

When my son was younger and he’d complain of a pain in his leg, I’d punch him in the arm. When he asked why I did it, I’d ask him if his leg hurt anymore. He’d say no and I’d tell him he was welcome. Of course, I knew the pain in his leg wasn’t serious or I wouldn’t have punched him. The point is that he couldn’t feel both pains at once. The same could apply to Lion. If I put Icy Hot on his balls, it may take his mind away from the shoulder pain. If I put fifty clothespins on his balls, he may not feel his shoulder so much.

All this time, I was trying to figure out how to take care of Lion’s shoulder and his well-being. I failed to consider his sexual well-being. I’m sure 2.0 would have figured that out eventually, but now I’m on the job too.


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    Sounds like a Great plan your such a good nurse/and a Great wife

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    Just tie him up first, then you can do ANYTHING to him! The Icy hot may kill his erection, have you tried peppermint oil on his nipples? Good luck with him.

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