I Hope I Don’t Wind Up In An Episode Of Law And Order SVU

My mother always said that if I eat candy, it will just make me hungrier. I suppose that’s true. Is it also true about sex? Mrs. Lion gave me a great oral orgasm on Thursday night. I woke up on Friday feeling horny. The sexual interest continues into Saturday. This pattern is pretty typical for me. Does it mean that I will respond if Mrs. Lion decides to do something sexual with me at a decent hour? Common wisdom suggests that I won’t. My refractory period should be longer than a few hours. Go figure.

I suspect that Mrs. Lion needs more than a day or two to recover. She never tries anything sexual for at least three days after getting me off. I’m not suggesting that she should. I’m also not sure that I would be all that responsive. It’s odd that my interest level is so high right after ejaculating. I have no idea why I decided to write about this. Usually, I have a reason. I’m not hinting at a change that I want. I’m not offering information of use to anyone else. I’m just telling you how I’m feeling.

At 4:44 AM Saturday, I was awakened by the bed shaking and a loud thumping. At first, I thought that the dog was jumping on the bed. I dismissed that when I reasoned that a fifty-pound pup couldn’t produce effects like that. When I became fully conscious, I realized that Mrs. Lion was doing something. I couldn’t figure out what, but I worried if she might attack me. Then, she woke herself up and asked me if I was awake. I told her that I was.

She got up and went to the bathroom. When she got back, I asked her what happened. She told me it was a dream. Then, she went back to sleep. In the morning, she told me what she dreamt. Her post, “Tomorrow Is Waxing Day,” describes it. She’s talked in her sleep occasionally but never taken action before. She was violent!

When I took Ambien to sleep, I did some bizarre things too. Mrs. Lion told me that I appeared to be fully awake and asked her to make me some food. She made it, and I ate it and returned to sleep. I have no memory of that. I do remember that just before falling asleep, the room looked odd. The walls were curved. I stopped taking that drug.

As far as I know, Mrs. Lion didn’t take any mind-altering meds on Friday night. Maybe I should wear a football helmet to bed.