No Victims Here

Whatever was wrong with me is going away. I’m not falling asleep before noon. My sex drive hasn’t returned. That makes being a sex blogger more difficult. Maybe it’s not gone, just waiting for something new to happen. I’m not having any sexual fantasies. The closest thing to having one is when I go to sleep imagining that Mrs. Lion is spooning with me. My impulse is comfort, not orgasm. That’s just not going to cut it on our sex blog.

Enough whining. Sex, aside from being a primal need, is also a pretty interesting form of human transaction. The transactional nature is particularly visible in the world of kink. Male chastity is an excellent example. To an outside observer, the practice looks like the sexual enslavement of a hapless male. His penis is only available for urination. Erections and ejaculation are prevented by cruel devices locked around his penis.

OK, students, who benefit from enforced control of the male? If you read the male chastity stuff on the Internet, it’s obviously the cruel woman who holds the key to the lock on his male chastity device. She can use his desperation to get sexual release to make him do anything she wants. Ejaculation comes at a price.

Question: Who gets aroused reading about this power exchange? The woman? Is male chastity a way to stack the sexual deck so that she can get orgasms on demand? Is it a way to finally get him to do the laundry? That doesn’t make sense. In the first case, how many women want to believe that the only way to get their mates to please them sexually is to blackmail them into doing it? Yuck. How many men would agree to be locked up if the only way they could get off was by doing non-sexual chores?

See where this is going? The real transaction is that it’s exciting to some men to feel that their partners control their sexual pleasure. It’s a game, a boy game initiated by the male. If you think about it in that context, it makes sense. Sure, the male is kept from sexual pleasure for a while, sometimes a long time. He still gives his partner attention. She knows it isn’t because she has the key. It’s because he is her partner and wants to please her.

Mrs. Lion and I have continuously played this game for over eight years. We do it knowing full well that we will do anything for one another, game or no game. Mrs. Lion plays because she knows that I like it because she loves me. I am grateful.

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  1. Completely agree, but… it’s a very big world. Could there not be just one woman out there, who caught her husband cheating, or excessively masturbating to the detriment of her sex life, who insisted? I guess that’s the fantasy, anyways, but, maybe one?

    1. Author

      I doubt it. Look at it the other way. As a husband, would my reaction to my wife fucking around be to lock her pussy? The betrayal goes way beyond sex. The only rational reason a wife might lock up her husband is to prevent masturbation. The problem with that is the reality that no long-term wearable male chastity device is inescapable. Ejaculation is possible without an erection. Lots of guys have used vibrators to get off while locked up. Maybe out there in the universe, one woman instigated male chastity for a serious reason. So far, no one has turned up.

      1. I’m corresponding with a man now who has repeatedly asked his wife to lock him up, or spank him. He even acquired a custom fit chastity device, but got no real engagement from his wife. The other day he got a text message from her, a bit out of the blue, telling him to lock himself up until further notice. Then she took the keys and hid them from him. It’s been a week and every time he raises the question about when he might be released his wife gets angry with him and refuses to discuss it. I think it’s on the level? So that’s pretty close, right?

        1. Author

          You make my point. He asked for it. She got tired of his whining and agreed. Now he is building his own movie around the fact that she isn’t ready to let him out. She is as uninvolved as she can be.

          1. Which he finds very sexy, which is ironic because, as you say, she is trying to minimize her engagement. The equivalent of the yellow kitchen rubber glove handjob ?

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