Is It Safe To Go Out?

I decided to stay home with Lion yesterday and nurse him back to health. Aside from dropping things off at work, I needed to get our prescriptions. I don’t think Lion has COVID, but I still feel like I need a HAZMAT suit to go out into the world and be safe from Omicron. We do, however, have a good supply of N95 masks, so I should be fine when I go today.

Based on the shouting match we just had, I’d say Lion is feeling mostly better. He gets frustrated when he can’t find things, and since I moved something and expressed my frustration at something he did, we snapped at each other. I won’t punish him for it this time because I know he’s still a little sick, but he does need to watch himself. He put the coffee pot together yesterday even though he wasn’t feeling well, which earned him some goodwill.

We had a quiet dinner, and Lion managed to eat a bit of it. We just watched TV and vegetated. I’m fairly sure we’ll be back to snuggling tonight, with normal activities resuming tomorrow. I was a little worried I’d get sick after he did, but so far, so good. I’m not going to wax him this weekend, though. I think that would be too much right now. It can wait until next weekend. The main thing is to get things back to normal. I can handle having my nose tickled for a little longer, and he just agreed with my plan. It’s always nice to be on the same page about some things.

I know he hasn’t been out of the house in weeks, but I don’t think today is the day to do it. Aside from putting himself at greater risk of catching COVID, he doesn’t need to waste energy to get in the car just to sit in it while I run in the store. If he insists, of course, he can go. But I don’t see him insisting.

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