I Win Either Way

I think Lion may be almost 100% again. He hasn’t mentioned being horny, but I said I was cold this morning, and he said I could scooch over near him to get warm. He doesn’t like sex in the morning, so it wasn’t a request for hanky panky. However, if he weren’t feeling well, he wouldn’t invite me closer. I know I don’t like people near me when I don’t feel well.

If he feels better and wants some attention, I think it should be calm attention. No clothespins. No IcyHot. He may only be looking for snuggles tonight. That’s fine. We can do as much or as little as he’s comfortable with. The same goes for eating. We’ve been having noodles for days because it’s the calmest food we can think of. We’ve been a little more adventurous at breakfast, but not by much. Sticky buns yesterday and French toast today. However, Lion commented that he hadn’t had a vegetable in days. Ummm. And why is that? The good news is that we’ll probably be having salad with dinner tonight. What else we’ll have is a mystery. We’re surrounded by cookbooks and can never come up with any dinner ideas.

By the time I get around to waxing Lion, he may be ready for an orgasm. If I don’t give him one before then, it’s quite possible I could give him one while he’s all oiled up. Of course, that would be another hand job, and I said I didn’t want to give him hand jobs anymore. Still, it’s nice when he’s slippery and very hard. I don’t have to worry about how messy we are because he’s headed for the shower anyway. We’re not in bed, so the oil can drip on the sheet. I won’t say it’s any more comfortable for me. I just like him slippery. Having said that, I also like to get him very close and leave him hanging. I win either way.

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