Not Valid Excuses

It may come as no surprise to you that Lion forgot the coffee pot again. Did I not just say yesterday I was sure he’d give me more practice with the leather and rubber paddles? I must be clairvoyant. When I confronted Lion with his misdeed, he said it’s because I leave the breakfast tray in the bedroom and he’s used to setting the coffee pot up around 10. There are two flaws with this logic. He’s been setting the coffee up later than that. And I had a meeting at work yesterday, so I was out the door by nine, and the tray was already taken care of. Oops. I guess that means he simply forgot.

As a matter of fact, I don’t think Lion was in the kitchen at all yesterday. Even when it was time to make dinner, he deferred to me. We had London broil, and I wasn’t sure how he wanted it cooked. I know how I’ve cooked it in the past. I know I’ve made it well done, and Lion likes things bleeding and still crawling across the plate. [Lion — I like medium rare!] By the way, when someone says something is well done, don’t they mean it’s done correctly? Therefore, a well-done piece of meat is done correctly. Anyway, Lion snoozed while I cooked the meat so far from anyone’s idea of perfection, it was ridiculous.

Last week and over the weekend, Lion’s excuse for not setting up the coffee pot was that he was dealing with the website. I told him perhaps he shouldn’t do things to the website anymore because he was forgetting rules. He didn’t like this suggestion. I decided he doesn’t want my help, so I didn’t give him the helpful reminder of wandering into the kitchen when I realized the coffee pot was still in pieces. I could have saved his buns from pain and my arm from work. Oh well.

At the moment, I am fairly amused at the situation he’s gotten himself into. I sincerely hope he’ll remember to set it up today. Tomorrow, I have to go to work, and then we have our company Christmas party in the afternoon. The tray will be done before I leave at 7:30. I won’t be here to get in his way. He and the dog will be on their own. Who knows what kind of trouble he can get himself into.

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