I couldn’t quite finish the lawn yesterday. I have acclimated to the northwest so much that 80 degrees are too hot. I’m really not that bad, but 80 degrees while pushing a lawnmower, even self-propelled, is too much. I finished the little bit left this morning before it reached 80 degrees. I’m still sweating like crazy. I’ll take a shower when I’m done writing.

I didn’t really feel like it, but I pulled out the spanking bench last night. Lion got a new paddle with a larger head, and I knew he wanted to try it out. The handle is a little large for my hand, but it worked well. It covers his whole butt at once. What a time saver! It’s thick and makes a pleasing noise when it hits him. Of course, I used other paddles as well. I needed a much smaller one to get inside the crack. That was untapped real estate for a long time. I’ve been trying to correct that oversight in the past few spankings.

Lion’s butt bled a little more than last time. I wonder if it’s because of the spoon-shaped paddle. It seems to happen more with that one than any other. It may be because I tend to hit harder with that one, too. I think I was hitting harder with all the paddles last night. He was whining a lot. Since it was a “just because spanking,” I ended before the timer went off, it may have only been thirty seconds before it went off, but it’s the thought that counts.

After I played with my weenie and balls, Lion said I should do it a certain way if I want it to get hard. I know. I didn’t particularly want it to get hard. I was letting it idle in the driveway. He should know I’m perfectly capable of revving it up when I want to. We were snuggling and letting my hand wander while watching TV. I’ll rev it up soon.

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  1. Be careful with your lawn. When it’s hot, you need to reduce your physical activity.

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