New Paddle Makes Its Debut

Saturday was punishment day. I remembered to remind Mrs. Lion while I was on the spanking bench waiting for a “just because” spanking. It’s a good thing I remembered in time. The deadline is 8:30 PM on a spanking day to remind her. It was 8:15 when I thought of it. Forgetting would have added five minutes to the scheduled ten-minute spanking.

New, large, round paddle. My bottom is still red on Sunday after Saturday night’s spanking with it.

I was not looking forward to being spanked. Ten minutes with Mrs. Lion’s paddles are miserable for me. She got to inaugurate her new large, round paddle. It arrived in Saturday’s mail. It is the biggest we have. It is thick, zebrawood. The striking face is six inches in diameter. This is big! You can see that one swat covers most of my poor bottom.

The idea is that a larger paddle will be less likely to cause bleeding since it distributes the force over a wider area. It should also give Mrs. Lion the even color she likes to see. There is a bit of a trick to spanking. When spanking videos are made, the paddles tend to be larger. They produce the dark red that viewers want to see.

Hairbrush spankings seem to defy the idea that a red bottom requires a larger striking area. It all comes down to physics. Hairbrushes have short handles and relatively small striking areas. The two complement one another. It’s difficult to hit hard enough with one to produce the sort of marks that Mrs. Lion gets with her spanking spoon. A bath brush is closer to the spoon in size and force.

Saturday’s spanking was mostly with her new paddle and the small, blue one she uses for crack work. She is getting very good at hurting those tender, hidden areas. She also used her spoon, which produced some blood. She’s learned that the blood doesn’t indicate a serious problem. It’s just messy. A damp washcloth keeps the area clear.

The new, round paddle is heavy. It’s 3/4-inches thick. Mrs. Lion said that she doesn’t find the handle comfortable. Guess what? I don’t find the other end comfortable either. If she takes pictures next time, I can see how well it produces red. I can tell you now that it really hurts.

The idea behind these “just because” spankings is to keep my memory of how much spankings hurt fresh in my mind. It works. My bottom hurts now as I am writing this post. I am not looking forward to the next “just because” spanking in the next day or two—poor me.