We were watching reruns last night. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve watched this particular episode, but Lion made a comment about it that still has me scratching my head. The context of the episode is that one of the characters had her house broken into. Three other characters offer to spend the night so she’ll feel safer. They wind up in the king-size bed and say there isn’t enough room for four people. Lion says it’s baloney. He’s had four people in a king-size bed, and they fit fine.

Excuse me? I knew about his lesbian couple sharing a bed with him. What’s the story with a foursome? He said it was just a couple who would stay with them (his ex and him) while visiting. They never had sex with them. Okay. Then he added, “But we’d have sex in the same bed at the same time.” Excuse me? He said it was in the dark like that made it different.

Apparently, there are still some things I don’t know about Lion. Obviously, I didn’t think I knew everything. You can’t possibly know everything about another person. I’m baffled by his omission of this information in all the time we’ve seen this episode. Then again, he doesn’t see it as a big deal. I’m also baffled by why it would bother me.

We’ve done some weird things in our life together. I know he’s done some weird things before we got together. I don’t know why this weird thing seems so weird to me. Maybe it’s the matter-of-fact way he added the sex component like everyone does it. Ho-hum. No big deal.

And I know it’s not a big deal. And it happened a long time ago. And he isn’t asking me to do it. And why the hell does it bother me so much anyway?

Okay. I’m over it. I mean, I want to be over it. I mean, I’m trying to be over it. Okay. Here I am trying to get over it.

[Lion — It wasn’t a big deal. We were in an alternate community. The other couple were very good friends of ours. They always slept very close to one another. There was plenty of room. As for having sex in the same bed. I never thought about it much. It wasn’t a big deal to me. For the record, I never saw them have sex. I heard them, though. :)]

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