Keeping Track Of Things

This spreadsheet records every orgasms I’ve had since January 2016.

Before starting this blog, I had no real interest in tracking my activities. For the first two years, Mrs. Lion and I often debated how long it had been since my last orgasm. Since we write a male chastity blog, it made sense to keep a record so that there would be an easy way to answer them if questions come up. In January 2016, I created a spreadsheet that let me record each time Mrs. Lion got me off. I’ve faithfully maintained it ever since.

Over the years, I’ve published summaries of this data. Many men who are under orgasm control find these statistics fascinating. I don’t share that interest so far as other men are concerned. I’m obviously interested in my own data. There have been trends in my wait times. Most of them are due to issues in my life that made sex difficult. After the first year or two, Mrs. Lion settled into a seven-to-fourteen-day wait for me. Apparently, she considers that adequate satisfaction for her mate.

Obviously, I don’t get a vote regarding this pattern. I’m not supposed to. I’m not complaining. After all these years, I’m used to this control. It’s the way things are in our marriage. I can get aroused all I want, but no ejaculation. We don’t consider this exotic or kinky. It’s just the way things are.

This widget in the right column of this website tracks how long its been since my last orgasm and spanking.

We also practice domestic discipline. If I break a rule–we don’t have many–I am punished. Mrs. Lion spanks me. I haven’t maintained a record of when I get spanked or the offense that earned me punishment. However, I have a clock on this website (right column) that tracks the time since my last spanking and why I earned it. Mrs. Lion has no problem remembering why she punished me but often forgets how long ago she spanked me.

This turns out to be important. If too much time goes by between spankings, I forget why I want to avoid one, and Mrs. Lion becomes less observant of my behavior. It’s obvious why I would start to forget how unhappy a spanking makes me. After all, I’m turned on at the thought of being spanked. That’s balanced by the painful reality of Mrs. Lion’s paddles. Her loss of observational interest is interesting.

My theory is that since she considers observing my infractions as a sort of game when we don’t “play,” that is, observe an infraction and spank me. I think she forgets she is playing. Every time she paddles me, it reminds her to be on her toes, looking for new reasons to blister my bottom. It’s these reasons why I get “just because” spankings. To avoid these problems, Mrs. Lion will spank me if more than a couple of weeks go by without blistering my bottom. She decides exactly when to administer a “just because” spanking.

Like orgasm wait times, Mrs. Lion can lose track of the interval since my last spanking.  We have a timer in the right column that tracks how many days since my last beating. According to that timer,  as of Saturday, it’s been 17 days. I imagine she hasn’t checked out our site. I’m probably due now. For the record, I am absolutely NOT looking forward to it—poor me.