It’s Always Something

This morning the dog had a big seizure. When I went to get her rescue medicine, I realized we only had one syringe. Sometimes it takes two to bring her out of it. We probably needed the second today because she has been refusing to take her medicine. No matter what I try to hide it in, she refuses. We even got hot dogs. I only managed to get her pain pills in her yesterday. Clearly, she needs the seizure meds too. We’re hoping I can make the 30 miles run to pick up more of the rescue meds tomorrow.

I still have a lot of chores to do. I didn’t get many done yesterday. We ran to Costco for food and Safeway for prescriptions. I managed to steal a few hours here and there for myself. Today I’m worried about the dog. I have laundry to do. The bed needs changing, Lion needs waxing, etc., etc. Of course, none of these are insurmountable. It’s just always something. Do you know how you lie awake in bed thinking about all the things you didn’t get done? Yeah. Every night.

Pre dog seizure, I was reading something on Facebook about creative punishments people remember from their childhoods. One of them might work for us. The “punishee” spins an old game spinner, and that determines what the punishment will be. My first thought was that Lion would be the master of his own demise. He’d be choosing what would happen to him. I could have plausible deniability. I do anyway, of course. I’m not punishing him because I did something wrong. If he doesn’t want to be punished, he shouldn’t break the rules. (I’m leaving out the “just because” spankings.) The problem, as Lion pointed out, is that spanking works very well for us. If we implement this idea, it would be for the desserts like standing in the corner. I’m still deciding if this is something I want to do.

I’m off to turn on the wax. I can do the rest of the chores in the three hours it takes the wax to be ready.

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