Lion got his butt blistered last night. I used three different paddles, and I was hitting fairly hard toward the end. I had a washcloth so I could mop the blood off of him, but the paddles still got sticky. I didn’t spank for very long after the ten-minute timer went off. I figured he’d gotten the message.

I didn’t spank him before we went out. I think it might have been fun to see him trying to deal with a sore butt in clothes. However, he might have bled through his underwear and jeans. And I just washed those jeans. Lion said he wasn’t trying to tempt fate, but why did 4.0 not want to spank him before we went out. I didn’t want to. There was no other reason than that.

When I was done with my shower, I went around to Lion’s side of the bed and attempted to get him hard. It wasn’t working very well, so I suggested he lay across the bed. It took a while for my mouth to work its magic, but eventually, we were in business.

I used to slobber all over him when I sucked him. Sexy, huh? Within the last year or so, my mouth has been dryer. It’s probably a combination of medication and not drinking enough water. Sometimes I have to stop sucking so I can wet my lips. I try to go as long as possible, so I don’t break stride. He was fairly close when I had to stop. I started right back up so he would lose as little momentum as possible.

Eventually, I knew he was close, and I stopped and started to mess with him. He wasn’t going to have an orgasm, but I still like to play with my food. He was panting when I finally stopped for good. I’m sure he was cursing me under his breath a little for not giving him an orgasm. Am I wrong to want him to be super horny? He doesn’t have to be super hard or get to the edge any faster. I want him to want an orgasm so badly he starts humping. Maybe then I’ll give him an orgasm.


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