Edged, Frustrated, And A Sore Butt

This is my bottom after a pre-4.0 spanking. Her attention was limited to a smaller area. Click image to view larger.

As Mrs. Lion wrote in her post yesterday, she spanked me for not setting up the coffee pot and later teased me. My bottom wasn’t sore immediately after she spanked me. It was numb, I think. Lioness 4.0 does a very thorough job on my rear end. Later in the evening, it was uncomfortable to lie on my back. Sitting at my desk yesterday was painful too. Now that she has spread her attention upward from the crease where my thighs meet my bottom, the discomfort sitting is worse. When she focused on my upper thighs and lower butt, it was much less difficult to sit comfortably. I guess there is an advantage in covering a lot more rear real estate.

Obviously, this takes more time than the old method. 4.0 uses the DWC recommendation of ten minutes for the first offense. That gives her plenty of time to blister all of my butt. Besides, she generally goes well past the ten minutes. I’m writing this on Monday afternoon, and I can’t find a comfortable position to sit here at my desk. Poor me!

This is my bottom after 4.0 gets done. The coverage (and pain) is much wider. Multiple paddles and harder swats assure days of discomfort. Click image to view larger.

Speaking of poor me, Mrs. Lion edged the crap out of me on Sunday night. I was ready to come over and over. She pulled away just before I could. I was sure that she would finish me off. She usually does when she can get me that close. Nope, not this time. Clearly, 4.0 likes teasing more than her predecessor. There’s no good reason why she should get me off. Sunday was 14 days since my last ejaculation. That’s not so very long. Now that she can get me right to the edge, it makes sense for her to enjoy it for a while. I’m having fun, frustrating fun, but fun nonetheless. If her sexual evolution is similar to her disciplinary changes, I can look forward to many days of frustration.

I wonder if 4.0 has a different approach to BDSM. If so, it will mean more intense and more frequent playtime. Part of me is excited about the possibilities. The saner part of me shudders at the level of discomfort Mrs. Lion can happily deliver. Life here is certainly getting more interesting.

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