Mrs. Lion’s Magic Wand

male ejaculation with vibrator
Mrs. Lion is a virtuoso on the Magic Wand. She can arouse me, edge me, and make me ejaculate any time she wants.

As Mrs. Lion wrote in her post yesterday, the air quality around here has been horrible. I’ve been staying inside and worked from home until today. The air quality is finally improved. Sadly, it will get bad again once the wind blows from Canada and bringing with it the smoke from their wild fires. We have good indoor air at home. We have physical and electronic filtration in the air conditioning systems as well as a big HEPA filter in the bedroom.

It’s been almost three weeks since our first waxing session. Some hair is starting to appear between my legs. There are other spots here and there as well. I guess any area we want to keep hair free will need another treatment after we return from our Labor Day vacation. Mrs. Lion was very successful in her first shots at body waxing. It wasn’t easy. I don’t have a lot of body hair to start and what I have tends to be light. It’s easy to miss spots.

The jury isn’t in on which hair will continue to be removed. Currently, my arms have the only hair on my body below my head. I’m ok staying this way. It’s up to Mrs. Lion to decide what she likes. The actual waxing isn’t too painful and if she’s game, we can continue indefinitely. We have enough supplies to keep it up for some time.

I like it when Mrs. Lion uses the Magic Wand on me. I’m always amazed that no matter how I felt before she starts, l am erect and panting in no time. In the past, vibrators did nothing for me. But a Magic Wand is…well, magic. Mrs. Lion knows just the right spot. With her hand on the top of my penis and the wand anywhere near my spot, I’m turned on. It amazes me every time she does it. She’s learned to edge me with it as well. I don’t know how she does it, but she knows exactly when I’ve had as much as I can take before ejaculating.

I feel particularly helpless and vulnerable when she uses it. I guess it’s that all she has to do is is press a button and place it on my penis. She can make me work up a sweat without expending any energy herself. I’m not complaining. The devil of it is that it feels great. When she edges me with it, the sensation and frustration are incredible.

By experiment with my feedback, Mrs. Lion found the exact speed setting that is most efficient arousing me. The slowest setting isn’t very arousing, but one notch up and it has my resonant frequency. Similarly, dial it up one notch and its advantage is gone.  Before we got this toy and Mrs. Lion picked it up, I had absolutely no interest in vibrators. I was completely surprised by the effect the Magic Wand had on me. I bought it because I thought it might help Mrs. Lion get her sex drive back. Women love vibes, or so I thought. Mrs. Lion didn’t like it used on her at all. But she does like it because of what it can do to me.

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