A “Just Because” Spanking Hanging Over Him

Lion was interested in sex last night. I wasn’t sure at first because my weenie was sort of hard but not getting any harder. That could go either way. When I asked, he said he was definitely interested. Good. I sucked him for a while. I know he was enjoying himself. I don’t think he got anywhere near the edge, but all that matters is that he had fun. I didn’t expect him to have an orgasm. When I noticed it had been six days since his orgasm, he said that it wasn’t long at all. He certainly wasn’t jump-out-of-his-skin horny.

Tonight we’re heading for Costco. The dog needs her drug, and Lion has a prescription at the grocery store. I don’t know when we’ll get home, so I can’t predict any play. I do know he’s still flirting with a “just because” spanking. He almost earned himself a real spanking. As I was making dinner, I noticed that the carafe for the coffee maker was still in the dish drainer. How did he manage to put a filter and water in and forget the carafe? I asked if he was distracted. I wasn’t going to punish him for halfway doing it, although it would have made a huge mess if it started its automatic cycle without the carafe in there. He said he spilled water and was trying to wipe it up before it got all over the place. That’s definitely a valid reason for being distracted.

It doesn’t really matter what he gets spanked for. A “just because” spanking is pretty much the same as a punishment spanking in severity. I guess the only real difference is his knowledge that he did something to deserve the punishment. Oh, and he has a better idea of when it’s coming. The “just because” spanking is hanging over his head at the moment. Could it be tonight? Maybe. It could just as easily be tomorrow. Or not. I wonder if that’s worse.