It isn’t a secret that men initiate male chastity and domestic discipline relationships. All of the fantasy stories about these practices feature strong women who take power and control their male partners. Some guys search for these women in the real world. Unless you pay to play, you won’t find them. That doesn’t mean they don’t exist. I’m married to one.

The biggest rookie mistake a guy can make is to try to get his partner to turn into one of those fantasy tops. Simply telling your wife you want her to lock you into a chastity device and become your cruel sex mistress is pretty much destined not to work. The same is true with domestic discipline. Chances are very good that she isn’t interested in becoming a micro-managing mommy.

Look at it from her side. One evening you tell her that you’ve been reading about spanking. You ask her to spank you. She’s wondering what you really want. She probably won’t ask you. Maybe she’s interested. The next sentences are crucial. If you go on to give her various femdom fantasy plots as the explanation for your request, it’s game over. Initially, I asked Mrs. Lion to spank me because it turns me on to be spanked. She thought it was odd but agreed to try.

There was no discussion of reasons to spank me beyond me wanting to be spanked. I usually had to ask her for a spanking. She almost always agreed. I encouraged her to spank me harder and longer. It took a lot of time until I started to regret being so encouraging. Before I go further, let me say that I didn’t have a master plan to suck Mrs. Lion into a disciplinary lifestyle. What we have has evolved organically.

I was happy that my sexual need for spanking was being met. I imagined Mrs. Lion spanking me if I broke the rules. I didn’t have a sharp fantasy about how that would work for us. Sure, I read all I could on the subject, but I couldn’t see us fitting into those extreme plots. So, with honesty being the best policy, I told Mrs. Lion what I was thinking about. I asked her to spank me if I broke a rule. “What rules?” she asked.

Good question. We both started thinking (and writing here) about it. She came up with the best ideas. She understood that if we were really going to have a disciplinary marriage, she needed to learn to observe infractions and punish them. She created some simple rules that would be extremely easy for me to break. The idea was that we would both get practice that way. Eventually, she would make more serious rules that impacted her more.

Over three years later, she still spanks me for breaking any of those simple rules. In fact, only one other rule is consistently enforced: I have to set up the coffee pot every day so she can just push a button for our morning coffee. Absolutely every time I forget, I get spanked. The spankings are meant to impress upon me the importance of obeying that rule. It works. Yes, I need regular “reminders.” Mrs. Lion is happy to provide them. She has made some other, more important rules. They include real behavioral issues like not interrupting her. However, she hasn’t enforced them yet. I think she will ultimately be happier once she treats them as consistently as my forgetting to set up the coffee pot.

We started male chastity the same way. I have long had an interest in male chastity. In 2013 I decided to ask her to lock me into a chastity device. Mrs. Lion agreed. It took a while to work out how she would manage my sexual desires. She has been very consistent in her sexual control of me. The first time she locked me up, she told me I couldn’t masturbate. It’s over seven years later, and I haven’t.

With or without a chastity device, I never take things into my own hand. I get sex when Mrs. Lion decides to give it to me. She regularly teases me and, when the time is right, she makes me come. No-fuss, no muss, no bother. It’s her game and her rules. In a recent post, she said she was thinking of making me jerk off under her supervision. So far, she hasn’t. The idea holds some fascination for me. It’s been a lot of years since I made myself ejaculate. I don’t think that I would become a sneak masturbator if she made me do it. It would certainly be a novelty for both of us. The only other sexual activity I haven’t enjoyed in a long time is vaginal intercourse. The last time we did that was March 2018. Anal was many years before that. Of these activities, supervised masturbation is the most likely.

The key takeaway from all this is that Mrs. Lion has most of the control when it comes to our evolution. I may have introduced male chastity and domestic discipline. I may also offer way too many suggestions on how I want them to go. It doesn’t matter anymore.  Mrs. Lion listens (or reads) but chooses what to try and what to ignore. Sometimes that frustrates the hell out of me. But that’s just a lion problem.

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  1. I don’t recall the last time you mentioned you wore a “cage”. I do recall you were testing several 3-D printed ones, have any of those worked to your satisfaction?

    1. Author

      I’m currently wild (no cage). If you do a search on “reviews” in our search box, you will see my reviews of various devices.

  2. If you like being spanked, then spanking is not a punishment, but a reward. Thus, if you did not prepare a coffee pot and you were spanked, then it turns out that you were encouraged for what you did not do. And that means you will deliberately not do your job, and you will continue to be encouraged not to do it.

    1. Author

      It doesn’t work that way. See this post for details.

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