Don’t Move Or I’ll Stop!

I had an orgasm on Wednesday night. Mrs. Lion was determined to get me off. I had a very good time. She is wonderful at oral sex. It took me a lot longer than I expected. Mrs. Lion had to work very hard. I feel bad about that. She paused a couple of times to ask me if I was close. Sadly, I wasn’t but she soldiered on. What a trouper!

She wrote that my moving during sex causes her problems. I remember that she mentioned this once before. Even though I’ve been aware of it, I can’t remember moving. I don’t know if I can fix it. Maybe if she stops when I move and tells me to be still, I can learn. Way back in my past, a couple of former lovers used to play a game with me. They would tell me that I can’t move when they jerked me off. If I moved, they stopped. I don’t know if I actually didn’t move, but I tried very hard. Maybe Mrs. Lion can try this form of training.

I never suggested that game to my partners. I also know that I didn’t move much. I’ve wondered if many women like this sort of play. Maybe it’s why I’m a bottom now. At the time I thought it was odd that they wanted me still. I believed I didn’t move. Ironically, I was never challenged this way during oral sex. Go figure.

Do women like using sex for gentle, control play? It is using something I want a lot, particularly when aroused and in the middle of being sexually stimulated. I was both puzzled and enjoyed the play. I believed that I was quiet and still while being stimulated. I never tried a similar game on a female partner. I enjoyed the hips moving and cool noises too much to suppress them, even in fun. It seems that Mrs. Lion has a good reason to play this cruel little game with me. If it makes giving me oral sex easier, I’m all for it.