Is a Nap Worth Swats?

Lion sent an email today, which is a rule he’s only broken once, if I remember correctly, telling me he slept for a little while after I left. I’m jealous. I wondered if he should get punished for sleeping after I leave. I was kidding, of course. He said maybe he should sleep all day. My first thought was that if he was getting spanked for sleeping, he figured he should make it count and sleep all day. He reasoned that he would be less lonely.

When I was working from home, it never bothered me what he was doing. He was in his office doing whatever it is he does in his office. He was watching TV. He was snoozing (watching TV). It doesn’t really bother me if he sleeps while I’m at work. I wish I could snooze a bit more myself. I don’t think either of us has been getting the best sleep. That’s not unusual.

We didn’t do anything last night. When I came out of the shower, Lion was snoozing. By the time he woke up about an hour later, I didn’t feel like moving. It’s not like I had any big plans anyway. Lion always says I can wake him up. If he’s sleeping, doesn’t he need it? And if he’s been snoozing, doesn’t the argument that it’s too late to play fly out the window? He should be rested after a nap. That’s assuming I feel like doing anything then.

lion spread eagle tied to bed
Plastic clothespins give Lion much more “fun.”

I was tired and achy when I came home. A little downtime helped. Then I made dinner, and the aches returned. They subsided again while we watched Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. And then they were back for my shower. It’s no wonder I didn’t want to move when he woke up. Tonight, however, I’ll get him with some clothespins or a rope. No IcyHot. Been there, done that this week. I don’t promise the clothespins will be the “nice” wooden ones. They definitely won’t be the tiny ones. There are many choices in between, though.

He should be up to eight days or so in his wait. I still think he can wait longer. I want to see if we’re past the point of needing the orgasm experiment. If I can get him hard and get him to the edge consistently, we should be good. Then we can resume edging and orgasm denial. I’ll be able to take an orgasm when I want one. Yum!

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  1. Plastic clothespins are beautiful. Alternating colors, you can create a pattern.

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