She Punishes Me, Humiliates Me, And Won’t Let Me Come. Why Do I Love It?

LIon in thong panties

Why do I want it? This is a question that Mrs. Lion has decided not to explore. The “it” in question presents a moving target for her. It includes male chastity, domestic discipline, and many BDSM activities. In all of them, she does things to me that I’m almost sure to dislike when I get them. Almost all of them are my idea. What the hell?

The simplest and most logical answer is that I’m wired that way. Dig a little deeper, and things get more difficult. Is it that I like pain? Possibly. I do get hard when Mrs. Lion masturbates me while Icy Hot is burning my perineum and balls. I also sport an erection while she covers the same areas with clothespins. Is an erection an expression of pleasure? It signifies sexual arousal even when activities aren’t fun. After all, a woman being raped will often get wet and even have an orgasm. That doesn’t mean she welcomed the activity.

We are different. Everything Mrs. Lion does is consensual. I’ve agreed to the painful fun. The erection, while my balls burn, isn’t necessarily a signal that I’m having a good time. I’m not sure what it means. I know that I want her to do things like that to me. The same is true of male chastity. I get turned on thinking about being edged and going to sleep frustrated. Crazy, huh? Of course, it isn’t. I’m not crazy. My mother had me tested.

A much more difficult-to-understand kink is domestic discipline. I asked Mrs. Lion to take charge and punish me when she sees fit. She creates rules I must follow. Disobedience gets me punished. Mrs. Lion strongly prefers spanking me with a paddle. My last spanking hurt for three days. These are real punishments. DD has become part of the fabric of our marriage. Mrs. Lion expects obedience. She doesn’t behave like some BDSM dominant in black tights. She is a loving wife. When I break a rule, she either gives me “the look” or says, “Uh oh.” I know what that means. There is no drama. Punishments are also very routine. She tells me to get into position and then spanks me—no fetish at all,  a lot of pain.

This is how she chooses to conduct our disciplinary relationship. It works because she is consistent. I’ve learned that disobedience earns punishment with no drama. She does appear to be a little amused when it hurts for me to sit down. There is no sympathy and no scolding. It’s a very simple cause-and-effect situation. Break a rule and get punished.

Another related kink is when Mrs. Lion makes me wear panties or a diaper. I dislike either. Having to wear them is a very clear signal of who’s in charge. This is another situation that is way more fun to think about than to endure. Both are uncomfortable. She has also put nail polish on a toenail or two. That’s not uncomfortable, but it looks weird to me when I see my feet. These things are humiliating and not what I would do on my own. There’s a whole bag of ugly panties and tons of diapers ready for her to make me wear when the mood strike. She’s never made me wear panties for more than a few hours at a time. I’m not sure why we bought so many. Every so often, Mrs. Lion gets creative and thinks of something new for me. I like that a lot.

All of this has a rather simple common denominator: they demonstrate her control. She doesn’t have to walk around wearing boots and carrying a whip. She doesn’t have to bark orders or scold me. Ten minutes with her paddle is enough to make sure I remember who is in charge. In case you wondered, it’s how I want it.


  1. sweet panties. it is interesting how each of us is wired differently and how nice it is when we can find a mate that makes us whole

    1. Author

      Yes it is– finding a mate, that is.

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