Happy Endings

Sometimes a story touches my heart. This one from “People” got to me. I have always had a huge soft spot for dogs. This story tells of a stray who kept following customers into a dollar store and trying to steal a purple, stuffed unicorn. It’s a very sweet story with a happy ending. I like happy endings. No, not just the kind that produces semen, all kinds. There are so many sad endings out there. It’s wonderful to hear about happy ones. I know you come here expecting to read about sex or spanking. Sometimes, I want to talk about other things as well. Please forgive the digression.

I just read Mrs. Lion’s post for Saturday. At the time of this writing (Saturday afternoon), it was news that she plans to spank me. I wonder if she is going DWC on me. I deserve it, given all the writing I’ve done on the subject. She also wrote that she plans to make me ejaculate too. It’s been four days since my last orgasm. I admit that all this spanking talk has made me horny. Getting spanked lioness style can temporarily beat that desire for sex right out of me.

That’s how it should be. Standard male behavior is sexual arousal at the prospect of a spanking and loss of all sexual interest within a minute or so after one starts. My arousal has moved further from the actual beating. I’m not hard when Mrs. Lion tells me to assume the position. I’m not even mentally aroused. A few hours before her planned start, I am aroused, and I am very willing to submit when she is ready. I think that means my arousal is deeper and assures that I am willing to accept a long, painful spanking.

She doesn’t understand why I want this. It took her a long time to harden herself to the obvious discomfort the paddling causes me. I think she wants it to end as much as I do. I hope that changes. In my years as a spanker, I learned to take objective pleasure in refining my technique. I wanted to be as effective as possible. Mrs. Lion seems to be getting more interested in technique too. She’s written about two distinct kinds of spanking: tender crack areas and long-lasting sit spot beating. [Mrs. Lion — If I concentrate on technique, I can follow through with an effective spanking. If I start to think about “why” or any sort of intimacy, I’m toast. I have to remain the detached I-hope-I’m-doing-this-right person that it seems Lion doesn’t like.]

The tender area between my cheeks is fairly new to her. She hasn’t spent much time working there. A challenge she’s written about is how to keep the crack open and exposed while she works. One way or another, it has to be held open. I can’t think of a position that opens it enough to give her paddle room to work. She has mastered sit-spot spanking. It takes a lot of force to make a lasting impression there. My last disciplinary spanking gave Mrs. Lion a chance to demonstrate this.

From my position on the bottom, I can say that it takes a lot to spank me effectively. I can’t speak for anyone else, but my verbal reactions are probably less useful in determining when I’ve had enough. I yelp early and often. Mostly, I react to sting. I hate it. I know, that means I need to get as much sting as possible. I’m less verbal about thud. Since sting generally comes before thud, lion noise is not too useful.

While I’m on the subject, I’d like to say that time never goes more slowly than during a spanking. Each minute after warmup feels like ten. That’s why the spanking authorities like the DWC stress using a timer to guarantee the minimum duration. According to Mrs. Lion, time slows down for her too. I suspect that is because she is still empathizing with me. As she gets more objective, time will go much more quickly for her. It never will for me.

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  1. Personally I like the occasional digression, I like to think of you as a real couple making your kinks work rather than deviants with only one interest. I could read fiction for that, but I’d rather come here and get the authentic truth.

    And I’m glad that unicorn found a home!

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