As promised, Mrs. Lion spanked me on Saturday night. It was a “you must have done something” spanking. For the first time, she did a full-on DWC spanking. After I got into position along the foot of the bed, the yoga pillow raising my butt, she set a ten-minute timer. Her warmup was longer and a bit gentler than usual. I welcomed that. Then she began swatting in ernest. After what felt like a long time, she said, “It’s been three minutes.” Oh boy!

During the spanking, she complained that I was getting blood on her paddle. I didn’t respond. My focus was elsewhere. When the ten-minute timer went off, Mrs. Lion didn’t stop. If anything, she hit harder. Eventually, she announced she was done. As you can see in the image accompanying Mrs. Lion’s post, my bottom wasn’t looking very good when she finished. It was also very sore. The soreness persisted, and it hurt even on the soft bed when I rolled over onto my back. Today (Sunday), it takes work to find a comfortable position in my desk chair. Mrs. Lion used the spanking spoon with the new “golf club” grip on the handle. She reported that it didn’t slip. How nice for her.

Saturday night’s spanking ushered in lioness 4.0. This fearsome version has the ability to use corporal punishment in a strong enough way to make a meaningful impression on this adult male. 4.0 can ignore the vocal and physical protests to send a strong message. I know Mrs. Lion doesn’t celebrate this growth, but I do. She is a full-fledged disciplinary wife who can hold her head high in any gathering of similarly-inclined women.

Since there are no such gatherings, and even if she wouldn’t attend, the distinction remains between us. I have to point out that this is great personal growth. Lioness 1.0 could barely leave a touch of pink on my bottom. 3.0 struggled to make a spanking last five minutes. 4.0 spanks me well past the ten-minute timer. As she will quickly point out, it’s because that’s the way I want it. I’ve encouraged her to increase the time and severity of her spankings. I have.

I’m very grateful she has been able to reach this point. I’m confident that over time this will be my standard spanking. Ouch!

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