Angle of Attack

Lion suggested that we not go to the casino last night because I wasn’t feeling well. I could have pointed out that I wasn’t sure I’d be feeling any better today. In fact, I don’t know if I feel better or worse. It’s probably nothing some Tylenol can’t solve. The only caveat I have is that we don’t eat too late and we don’t stay too long. Luckily, Lion agrees on both points. [Lion — I’m not stupid enough to disagree.]

Here is the hairbrush-shaped paddle against Lion’s butt. I took it just before releasing this post. It left the bruises you see in this image.

I got out the hairbrush paddle last night and we tried to do the position Lion found on a video. In it, the man lays sort of diagonally across the woman with his legs between hers, I assume, to keep him from escaping. Dutifully, Lion got into position – sort of. He was diagonal across me but his legs were fairly straight out. I’m not sure how I would have gotten one between mine. So I did the next best thing. I grabbed him around the waist and started paddling.

While I wasn’t uncomfortable with his weight or the feeling he would simply roll off, two things stood out to me. I don’t think Lion was particularly comfortable. And I could have used a longer paddle for leverage. I don’t know how comfortable Lion is normally when he’s in spanking position. When he wiggles around he starts to fall off the bed. He does better when he can push his feet against the garbage can next to the wall. Once he kicks that out of the way, he has no more leverage and slowly slides down to his knees. When I’m standing next to him and I’m using a longer paddle, I can build up a full head of steam to give each swat more power. Even after we went back to that position last night, my arm got tired trying to do many whacks with the hairbrush.

The thought just occurred to me that our angle is off. The bed is pretty high. Lion is about six inches taller than me so it’s easier for him to get into and out of bed with it that high. I don’t think the answer is a kitchen chair. That wouldn’t give enough room for him to lay across me. I was thinking about the couch, but it’s lower and Lion might have a harder time getting up or down from it. I think we either have to abandon over the knee or keep trying until we hit upon the right position for us. It may very well be that the position we tried last night could work if we tweak it a little.

In addition to a successful over the knee position, I think we still need to work on his regular on the bed position. Maybe he needs to be on the bed further. That might keep him from escaping so easily. I still think the yoga pillow can work. We just have to continue our spanking experiment to perfect both.