Naked When Company Arrives, Scolding, And Placeholder Punishments

The other day I was working in my home office. I’m on a quest to get an agent. It’s a frustrating process that is unlikely to work out. Unsolicited submissions like mine are almost always ignored. Do you know a literary agent that might help me? Anyway, the doorbell rang, and Mrs. Lion answered it. She was home early from work. It was one of her friends who was stopping by on the way out of town. They chatted. I felt odd. I was, as usual, stark naked. Her friend knows me, and I expected her to say hello. I wondered if she would poke her head into my office. She didn’t say hello or poke. I was glad because it would have been embarrassing. I was also a little upset she didn’t say hello. I thought she liked me. [Mrs. Lion — I bet she thought it was a little odd you didn’t say hello to her.]

Saturday night was definitely not frustrating. Mrs. Lion gave me a huge oral orgasm after a nine-day wait. I loved it! In her post yesterday, she commented that I asked her to use her hand a different way when teasing me. I may have offended her a little. I didn’t mean to do that. It just didn’t feel very good, and I had a suggestion that improved things a lot. I hope that feedback wasn’t inappropriate. [Mrs. Lion — Not offended. I was trying to be funny in my post.]

We’ve been discussing adding dialogue to my spankings. Mrs. Lion isn’t sure she can do that. I understand. She had a very steep learning curve to give me disciplinary spankings. Adding scolding is another challenge that may be more than she wants to accept at this point. We received a very instructive comment on the subject from Julie of strictjuliespanks (one of my favorite blogs). Here’s what she said:

“Scolding during spanking and getting a response I find to be very useful as a way of gauging how much to spank that day. When his responses go from a bit surly to heartfelt, contrite, and pleading, it acts as a sort of “yellow” signal that he’s about done. Mind you, as lion says, that’s when you can announce the warmup is over and punishment will now start.

Scolding requires a bit of practice but is really pretty easy in the end. Just don’t be at all concerned with being repetitive. You can ask over and over again “will you ever do that again?”. Add in a few “I think it’s ridiculous that a man your age needs to be punished like a little boy” and you’re all set. Better yet, lion is a writer, and is obsessed, so ask him to print out a long list of scolding phrases that turn his crank. Each time you can pull out 2 or 3 new ones. Once you have a repertoire of a dozen or so, it’s more than enough as you can chain them together in so many different ways.”

It’s excellent advice. I can see how adding this to my punishment can be very challenging. Speaking of challenges, Mrs. Lion agreed that she would find ways to express her displeasure if I am a know-it-all or interrupt her. She can probably give me “the look” when I do it and follow up later. We discussed pre-spanking activities. Often, Mrs. Lion’s shoulder will be hurting, and she won’t feel up to beating me. We talked about her soaping my mouth or doing some other unpleasant, low-energy thing close to the offense and then spanking me when convenient for her. We both agree that spanking is the best way to punish me. The other activities serve as placeholders.


  1. It is a good idea to scold Lion while whipping. We need to explain to him what he is being punished for.

  2. Well, I wasn’t naked when a friend stopped by the other day. I was doing dishes while wearing my new yoga pants with the ass crack hugging cinch in the back. Under that I had a harness on my balls with hardware dangling from them.
    She did not come in the house, but I was sure thinking about being exposed to her as the sub hub that I am.
    Scary, but so exciting. Will never happen.

    1. Author

      I wanted to say hello to her. 🙁

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