Scoring Each Spanking

Obviously, it is humiliating to have to present my bare bottom for a spanking. It is considerably worse when conversations ensue discussing the results. Recent posts included pictures of my bottom taken immediately after Mrs. Lion finished spanking me. She wrote about these results discussing portions of my anatomy that didn’t get sufficient attention. Then, in the comments to the first post, Julie of strictjuliespanks offered some advice:

“I like a smaller, tighter, shorter-handled implement, and I like to spread his legs and pull his butt cheeks apart to very deliberately spank those tender bits in the inner ass cheeks and inner thighs. I definitely like the edge of the paddle to graze his anal ring. I have no qualms about pushing his genitals out of the way to get higher up and deeper into the inner thighs. I also like to pull up on his ass cheek and punish where butt meets thigh, but with new, stretched skin there. Just some ideas!”

Mrs. Lion noted this advice and followed it in my next spanking. A large image was posted of the results. Julie, ever the helpful friend responded:

“Good job! I see the redness extending as far as can be seen into his cleft, and right onto his high inner thighs as well. As they say, a picture is worth a 1000 words. I can vividly picture the paddle application and technique, and resulting yelps, that caused this!”

She was correct. I yelped loud and long during this “make-up” spanking.

It occurs to me that spanking is something of a spectator sport in many domestic discipline circles. It’s like golf. Many people enjoy reading about it or watching it in pictures and videos. Some engage in it as a hobby. Some professionals get paid to spank. I’m not aware of any tournaments where spankers can win trophies. Perhaps that is the next step in the evolution.

Julie’s advice to Mrs. Lion is part of the long tradition of women helping each other improve their performance. My role is to be the “golf course” where Mrs. Lion tees off. I suppose we spankees could be rated too. We could be hard, fast turf, difficult to produce satisfying yelps. They would have high “par” assigned to them. At the other end of the spectrum would be wimpy bottoms with very low pars. They require being restrained to allow their spankers to get in a full 18 holes, as it were.

Similarly, paddles are much like golf clubs. The spanking spoon, for example, is for those long shots designed to bruise the center and sides of a cheek. The hairbrush paddle is good for close work, sort of a spanking putter that allows access to tender areas inside clefts and crannies. Like most sports, good equipment helps improve performance.

While most spankers are hobbyists, some use the sport for practical good. Domestic disciplinarians don’t have to be brutes. They can apply the grace and finesse of the finest professional and semi-professional spankers. The Disciplinary Wives Club offered workshops for disciplinary wives to hone their spanking skills.

Scoring is a bit tricky in this sport. Points are given for completeness of coverage and even color. Bonus points are added for deeper shades of red. Bruises earn points as well. A deep crimson bottom and upper thighs are the signs of an expert player. Bruises in the “sit spots” advance the spanker’s proficiency score. Points are awarded for producing yelps. Bonus points are added for tears. True experts also develop the deep red inside the cleft up to and around the anus. A red perineum is the badge of a truly detail-oriented spanker.

It takes years for a spanker to develop the skills and acquire the correct clubs to produce such perfection. It also takes time to learn each “course” to discover how to evoke the best yelps and screams. Some “courses” never produce tears. Since this sport is generally practiced in private and “courses” are not often shared, it’s difficult to rank spankers accurately. Clearly, we are still in the early days of this sport. Maybe one day it will advance to the point of joining the Olympics.