Many Things On My Plate

For some reason, I was really tired yesterday. I brought lunch home with me and both of us snoozed after we ate. I wrote my post and messed around on my computer before heading into the bedroom with Lion. We discussed what to have for dinner before snoozing again.

It was the day after Lion’s orgasm so I took the night off. I didn’t think he really needed another spanking. I’ll look him over and see if he’s bruised before I decide if he’s ready for more practice. I doubt he’s ready for any sexual activity but we can try that too. We might wind up just snuggling.

There’s also the matter of anal training. Lion bought the glass anal toy. Perhaps, if he’s not ready for more spanking, we can try another type of butt fun. I think this toy might be better than a regular butt plug because the differences between the bumps is less severe. Even a small butt plug can have a large shoulder. Pushing it in and taking it out is how to train him, but it doesn’t have to be so difficult. He hasn’t had training in a long time. His ass is almost a virgin again. That said, I’m pretty sure Lion will be able to handle a few bumps in. His ass isn’t quite that virginal. The first few bumps are less than two of my fingers. I’m sure he can easily handle two fingers. If he’s worried, I can start with fingers.

The other thing I’ve been trying to figure out is how to keep Lion’s ass positioned while I spank him. We have a wedge spanking pillow and that keeps his skin fairly taut. The problem is that it does nothing to open him up so I can get to his crack. We have a bolster pillow but I think it’s too soft. I may be on the right track with the shape. I just need to find one with a little more support. It has to be somewhat comfortable for Lion to stay in position long enough to make him uncomfortable from the swats. Now that I’m back to working in the office again, I can’t very well search during the day. I suspect I can have a short list this weekend. Lion can help me narrow it down and I can order it. With any luck, it will arrive by next weekend.

When I gave Lion his orgasm the other night, the fur at the base of his cock was tickling my nose. I’ve known for a few weeks that he needed to be waxed. Last weekend was a fiasco between power outages and the furnace not working well. I hoped to relax this weekend, but now I have to get the pantry turned back into a waxing room. I’d really like to have more room to navigate around the waxing table. So much for a relaxing weekend.