Spanked, Annoyed and Frustrated

Once I was all wet in the shower, I realized I hadn’t spanked Lion. Damn! Oh well. When I got out, I got the spanking pillow and selected a paddle. I purposely didn’t let him see the paddle. He kept trying to sneak a peek, but I had it behind my legs.

I didn’t start out hitting hard. I thought I was gradually increasing how hard I was hitting, but Lion was howling. Has his hide been softened because I haven’t been spanking him much? I told him I wasn’t hitting very hard and he disagreed. So then I told him I could hit harder for comparison. He did not like the comparison swats. Poor thing. I kept going at the harder level, with him yowling and then there were a few blood spots on his right cheek, and maybe a bruise forming on the left. But I wasn’t done.

Sometimes I hit him harder in sets of five swats on each cheek to end the festivities. Sometimes I do very hard swats one at a time to alternating cheeks. Last night was a very hard swat one at a time kind of night. (By the way, I told him he looked like he was getting a bruise about halfway through. And we did talk about how hard the swats were. So if he says I was silent, you have my permission to call him out.) I don’t think he was a very happy boy when I was done.

I know with a painful spanking, it sometimes takes him a few minutes to process things before he’s ready to talk. When this first happened, I thought he was mad at me for hitting him so hard even though he told me I should hit him harder. I needed him to tell me we were okay. Once he explained what was happening, I felt better. I don’t always remember at the time, though. Maybe that’s another reason it would be best for me to spank him before I shower. Not only would the pain subside, but he’d have some time alone to process it.

I’m sorry to say, it seemed like Lion was well on his way to an orgasm, or the edge at the very least, but my neck was hurting. He was not really across the bed, so I had to turn my head while I was sucking him. It was an awkward angle. If he’s across the bed, it’s easier for me. But then his head isn’t supported very well. We’ll need to figure this out or one of us will always be uncomfortable. Maybe the spanking pillow can do double duty as a wedge under Lion’s pillow. It’s worth a try.

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