I Got My Partner To Spank Me (I Didn’t Mean To!)

Nowadays, there seems to be only one offense that gets me a spanking: forgetting to set up the coffee pot. That’s what I did on Thursday. When Mrs. Lion served breakfast on Friday morning, she informed me that breakfast was a lot of trouble. I noticed that she brought in a box of doughnuts. I wondered why that was a lot of trouble. She didn’t keep me waiting for the answer. She told me that she had to set up the coffee pot.

That’s all she said. She rarely tells me what that means. I suppose it isn’t necessary. In her communication style, if she mentions an offense, she assumes I understand that I will get a visit from one of her paddles. She prefers to wait until after dinner to spank me. She carries in my spanking pillow. It is a very firm foam wedge that elevates my hips. That helps tighten the skin on my ass. Slightly stretched skin both hurts more and helps prevent bleeding.

Mrs. Lion doesn’t talk much when it comes to punishing me. She will bring in the foam spanking pillow. She will have put a paddle on the bed. If I don’t notice the activity, she will tell me it is time. I get in position, and she begins. There is nothing erotic about it. I no longer get hard before I am spanked.

It’s a little odd. Mrs. Lion punishes me because I want/need to feel her control. I do get turned on when I think about being punished., but not when I am about to get spanked. One of the reasons it isn’t easy to convince a partner to discipline her partner is the mental leap required to understand why a guy would ask for it.

It’s one thing to request spanking as foreplay. Most of the so-called domestic discipline blogs are really about erotic spankings under the guise of discipline. I list one or two of them in our “Blogs we like” section. These arrangements feature DD contracts when they are usually no more than erotic punishment wish lists. They read like spanking fantasies.

There’s nothing wrong with this. It’s not domestic discipline. As I see it, domestic discipline is straightforward to describe. Mrs. Lion can make any rule she wishes and will spank me if I break it. She can spank me for annoying her or otherwise acting poorly. I don’t get a vote. I also don’t get to specify the nature or severity of my punishments. All I do is consent to Mrs. Lion’s authority and right to punish me as she sees fit. That’s it.

We both know that submitting this way adds erotic fuel to my sexual fire. That’s a big reason I asked Mrs. Lion to take charge. That doesn’t diminish the value of her discipline in any way. It’s a kind of hormonal nudge that assures I will docilely get into position and accept a very painful spanking.

There’s an embarrassing irony in this. My sexual attachment to spanking is Mrs. Lion’s partner as a disciplinary wife. It assures me that I will willingly accept something I hate when she punishes me. It doesn’t just apply to spanking—any form of punishment she chooses to inflict works the same way. Even though I know how unpleasant it will be, I willingly accept it.

I’m not alone. If you do a little reading between the lines on some of the blogs devoted to male discipline for real offenses like The Disciplinary Couples Club, you will find that even though the men are severely disciplined for real offenses, there is that erotic undertone that assures their compliance. I guess it’s the way we are wired. I’m very grateful that Mrs. Lion understands and has become an excellent disciplinary wife.

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  1. That’s one well-whipped tushie! Well done Mrs Lion! There’s no better verisimilitude to a woman’s disciplinary abilities than her partner’s red and bruised buttocks. Mrs Lion should be proud of herself. Our own spanking paddle hangs up on a little hook on our bedroom wall for Mrs Luthor’s easy access. Sometimes I think that above it there should be a colour printed photograph of my well-thrashed, reddened and bruised backside to act as a reminder of who’s the boss! ?

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