I Already Hit the Jackpot

Last night, I was achy and tired and my stomach was a little off. I probably could have played with Lion, but I think I deserve a day off from time to time just because. Technically, I’m only obligated to play with him every other day. He’s usually lucky because, more often than not, he gets played with every day.

When I told him I needed to have the night off, he said, “Poor Lion.” Yeah. Right. Poor Lion who gets his sexual wishes fulfilled. Poor Lion who gets waited on hand and foot. Poor Lion who sits around all day “only” writing books. Poor Lion indeed. What about poor Mrs. Lion?

The truth is I wouldn’t trade Lion for anything in the world. Okay, those Powerball and Mega Millions jackpots are tempting, but Lion is worth much more to me than cash. Our creditors might disagree. They only look at the balance in the checking account. I know what’s really important. Now, if only I could figure out how to win the lottery and keep Lion I’d be all set. Ah, dreams.

I rudely interrupted our anal play by taking the night off. We were supposed to be back in training. I have no idea what we’re training for, but we’re training. Lion wants to go for fisting. I suppose it’s good to have a goal, but we don’t always have one. I don’t, for example, always try to break the record for the number of clothespins I get on his balls. I don’t always see if I can tie his balls tighter. I don’t always go for a record wait time. Besides, what happens when I get to the point that I can fist him? And wouldn’t that require anal play every day? That’s something I would definitely get bored with. My goal, if I’m pressed to have one, is to be able to peg Lion “comfortably”.

Lion just flinched. Did you see it? He’s thinking there’s no way it will ever be comfortable. Obviously, it won’t be as comfortable as clean sheets or a hot shower, but eventually he’ll relax and it won’t hurt as much. He’ll never beg me to peg him because it’s so much fun to feel the butt plug or huge dildo going in and out. Speaking of huge dildos, I don’t even have a size in mind for the largest one he should be able to take. As far as I’m concerned, he should be able to take something around the same size he is. What luck! We have a perfect likeness of him around here somewhere. All I have to do is find it. [Lion — A few years ago we got a Clone-A-Willy kit and Mrs. Lion cast a silicone replica of my penis. All of the dildos we own are larger and thicker than my real-life one.]

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