I have resisted writing about COVID-19-related subjects. While it’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue now, we will all want to forget it as quickly as possible once the vaccine is distributed. In this age of social distance and contact-free shopping, eating out, and pretty much every other interaction, we should consider sex outside of your bubble.

If you’re lucky like me, sex is no different than it was before the pandemic. Neither Mrs. Lion nor I have any interest in sex with people other than each other. However, if you’re not that lucky, masturbation must be getting pretty boring by now. Since I’m not allowed to do it, I’ve pretty much forgotten how frustrating it can be. Sure, jerking off relieves some tension, but it doesn’t really give the kind of cataclysmic orgasms we all seek.

Women seem to have better luck masturbating. Inexpensive vibrators can provide massive orgasms for them. I’m not sure whether it’s the vibrator or superior imagination that drives these wonderful responses, but the ladies seem to do very well. In the last couple of years, vibrators aimed at the male market have surfaced. They use a relatively new, more powerful, vibrator intended to give men the same sort of results that women get. I’ve tried a representative sample and for me at least, they don’t do it. Our trusted, old Magic Wand still does the best job for me. It’s pretty expensive. Our cordless model cost $125. It does a great job when Mrs. Lion uses it on me. It’s also one of the most popular female masturbators.

Now that it’s very simple and safe to have video meetings, you would think that video phone sex would be a very popular activity. I’m sure some couples separated by thousands of miles use this medium for much more exciting masturbation. There are women who will join you in masturbation for a fee. However, it is unlikely that a traditional dating site will provide partners for mutual masturbation. I think this is primarily because women don’t get as excited by visual sexual activity as men. Most guys find watching a woman masturbate very exciting. A lot of women don’t share that interest.

This is how the Autoblow ai works. The position, stroke length, and speed are computer controlled.

There are some devices that allow control of intensity and speed to be done remotely. The idea is a partner someplace else can control the pleasure being delivered by the vibrator or other sexual device. These are expensive and not very reliable alternatives to real sex. The Autoblow is a masturbating device that uses a motor to move up and down simulating the effect of oral sex. One model includes a couple of programmed experiences. The manufacturer claims they hired a company that specializes in machine learning to develop a program that accurately simulates a real-life blow job. We have the device and played with it once. It didn’t feel very realistic to me. I’m pretty sure that I would learn to get off using it if it was part of my regular sexual diet. However, Mrs. Lion has no real interest in training me that way. Even though it’s expensive, it’s probably the best male masturbator on the market. The manufacturer frequently has discounts on the Autoblow. Check out their website.

One way or another we all have to get through this pandemic. I hope you have found a satisfactory way to have fun. I’m very lucky to be with the love of my life.

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