Female Genital Piercings — Yum!

Since I’m male and this blog is mostly about things that happen and don’t happen to penises it’s not surprising that we don’t talk much about the female side of things. Guys get penis piercings to improve chastity device security. I had one for 20 years just because I liked it. Mine was a frenum piercing. Many men get prince Albert piercings. They go through the urethra. I didn’t like that idea. I do miss my piercing.

What about women? There are some very nice vaginal piercings. The best, in my opinion, is the Vertical Clitoral Hood (VCH) piercing. A ring or barbell runs from a piercing near the body and out of the hood’s opening. Aside from being very pretty, it adds pleasure. My partner prior to meeting Mrs. Lion had this piercing. She had a small ring in it. Some women prefer barbells.

VCH piercing. Just touching the barbell is arousing.

This piercing provides a lot of extra stimulation during oral sex. I didn’t experience this with her. She was very submissive and giving her oral sex was never on the menu. However, other women I knew, told me that a tongue playing with that ring or barbell was incredible. It also provided extra pleasure during intercourse. The VCH heals easily and rarely twists or pulls. I love it! [Mrs. Lion — None for me, thanks.] The other female genital piercings are more decorative than useful. Some women wear rings in their labia. This is generally reserved for women with larger labia. Of course, labia rings can be used to tie the lips open.

Another popular and very beautiful piercing is the belly button ring. Some women get multiple piercings there. This is one of the slowest piercings to heal. It is painful and takes months to heal. Once healed, it is trouble free. Nipple piercings are popular with both sexes. Rings or barbells can be worn in them. However, this is one of the most painful piercings and takes a very  long time to heal. Nevertheless it is very popular and looks great.

If you decide to be pierced, be sure to carefully research the people providing the service. There are many options. Check out reviews and, if possible, talk to customers who were pierced. Generally speaking, genital piercings are almost painless. My frenum piercing didn’t hurt at all. It felt like a small electric shock when the needle pierced me. Aftercare is important. You should get directions from the piercer. Follow them to avoid infection.


  1. wonderful post i follow this German woman who has some wonderful jewelry for her piercings she is on twitter if you want here’s her info FlashingLady (13K
    i wish i would have done a PA and a frenum piercings years ago now with the virus thing don’t think it will ever happen.

  2. I don’t like piercings. In my opinion, this is just another way to get some kind of infection.

  3. When I first got together with Merry (now, my wife) she had a post in her tongue, a barbell in each nipple, and a VCH. Oh, and a septum piercing. She removed them, one by one, for various medical reasons.

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