Happy Halloweenie

For the past few nights, it’s been taking Lion longer to get anywhere near the edge. We start out okay and then sort of fizzle before getting back on track. I’m not sure what’s going on, but I was thinking about making Lion wait for an orgasm to see if things worked themselves out. I also thought about giving him an orgasm as soon as he got to the edge last night. I also wondered how many orgasms he’d had in October. And, of course, today being Halloween is almost a holiday. A lot of things go through my mind while I’m sucking on Lion.

Since it was taking longer to get him to the edge, I considered stopping after the one time. I’d thought about that the night before too. Ultimately, it didn’t matter. I thought he was too close to the edge by the time I realized it so I kept going. I didn’t want him to have another ruined orgasm. A regular orgasm is much more fun for both of us. I get to hear all his noises, not just the strangled ones of a ruined orgasm. And I get to enjoy all of my hard work. Yummy.

Afterward, Lion said it wouldn’t actually have a been a ruined orgasm if I’d stopped when I paused. Damn. Oh well. I’d much rather make that kind of mistake than the ruined kind. And I was going to give Lion an orgasm sooner than a 20 day wait. I consider that a win-win. Almost all orgasms are win-win. Regular orgasms, that is.

So now I guess we restart the clock and see if he’s as horny after a few days as he was last time. I don’t have nay prediction as to how long I’ll make him wait. I think we have to answer the horny question first. Obviously, he’ll have a longer wait if he isn’t able to get near the edge for a few days. And, just because he gets to the edge quickly, there’s no guarantee he won’t have a long wait. I can be very tricky.

Good thing Lion likes my tricks and my treats.