Orgasm 3 And A New, Larger Evotion Shaft Section

October turned out to be a 3-orgasm month for me. My latest wait was just 7 days. In her post yesterday, Mrs. Lion gave reasons why she decided to let me come so soon. I’m not sure I buy them. Once she can get me all the way to the edge, it doesn’t seem long before she can’t seem to help herself. I had a very good time and I’m not complaining.

evotion orion Ring to hold penis head in place
Evotion Orion ring to hold penis head in place

The new, larger shaft section for my Evotion Orion arrived today. About a month ago I suffered two penis injuries. One was a little sore just under the head. It was most likely caused by the internal ring in the shaft section of the device (see picture). This ring keeps the head in place. It’s a wonderful part of the design. I believe that I ordered too short and a bit too narrow a shaft section in the original device. The other was a lioness bite. She got a little too enthusiastic during oral sex.

I had a similar problem with the Cherry Keeper device which has a shelf inside designed to hold the head in place. The shelf rubbed just under the head a bit too much and I got a sore. The Evotion product has a much more gentle solution. Its molded-in ring offers more surface area than the Cherry Keeper shelf. Since my first custom cage, the Jail Bird, I’ve used a shaft diameter of 1-1/4 inches. This is about 1/4 inch narrower than my early measurement.

It was perfect for the Jail Bird. Apparently, the more closed-in design of the Orion, coupled with the head-retaining ring required a more accurate measurement. I ordered the new shaft piece 2mm more in diameter. This is only 5/64-inches. It should be enough to reduce the rubbing on the tender skin just under the head. I also ordered the length 16mm longer, which is 5/8-inches.

I needed the shorter length in the Jail Bird to assure that even if my penis was cold-shower length (about1-1/4 inch), the head would still be pressed firmly against the front of the cage. That measurement was taken from the tip to the base on the underside where it connects with the scrotum. The Evotion measurement is taken along the top, from the body to the base of the head. My most accurate measurement is 47mm (a little more than 1-3/4 inches).

The new shaft piece looks a lot more substantial. That tiny 2mm increase in diameter looks much larger to me. Of course, it isn’t. The increased length is dramatic. Mrs. Lion promises to lock me into it later today. We’ll get a picture and share it with you.

Since we began male chastity seven years ago, device design and manufacture have evolved considerably. The Mature Metal line of cages, which includes the Jail Bird that I wore for years, was fabricated out of welded stainless steel bars and sheet. They are made by hand and are necessarily simple designs.

With the growing maturity of 3D printing, a new kind of male chastity device has emerged. These devices are designed on a computer and then printed in nylon or other materials into finished chastity devices. Complex shapes are very easy to accomplish. Custom sizing is precise and can accomodate virtually any number of individually-measured dimensions. The Evotion Orion is the current champ in terms of customization.

It isn’t easy to figure out how to make a device that will effectively stop a penis from erection and ejaculaton while still being comfortable to wear 24/7. Very few makers have. The relatively crude Jail Bird is comfortable and effective. The Orion is the next generation. It is so light weight that I completely forget it is locked on me. It’s comfortable and best of all, I can pee in it standing up without any fear of spraying.

The price is average for custom male chastity devices; at this time between $350 and $400. Reprints with size adjsutments are reasonably priced. If you wear the device full time, plan to make one or two changes as you spend time in the it.

This is the first time I’ve had to increase the size of a device. I’ll let you know how it works.